Midweek Madness (Tara Taylor Quinn)

I am skidding in here a bit late, but Storybroads has been on my mind all week.  We’ve been around a while.  Since the dawn of blogging.  I can’t measure the value of that.  I’m just glad to be here.

I’m in the midst of an on-line book tour.  Instead of taking away from that, I hope you’ll all join me.  I’m on many many new sites this week – all entertaining, informative, well read book sites.  Like storybroads, they just feel good.  Please gift yourself with a moment to stop in.  Look around.  Read some of the posts.  Enter some of the giveaways.  You don’t have to comment, just click.

Today’s stops are:

Deal Sharing Aunt

Lisa Is a Bookworm

Brooke Blogs

And for a complete listing of tour information:

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Lonzo Does England

Tour Director James welcomes Lonzo, if only because a stuffed animal never complains.

I’m having trouble with WordPress. Sorry. What I post vanishes when I try to send it to readers. I’ll focus on posting pictures and hope they show up.At best, you’ll see portions of the trip to England, which was wonderful (if you don’t count the flights). This is a brief report about the Grand Circle Trip I enjoyed in September. When I go to England, I usually rent a car and get lost. This one time, I wanted to enjoy looking out the bus windows and leaving the work to the driver. It was a good choice, although I didn’t get to choose how much time I got to spend in any of the tour’s destinations. Stratford-on-Avon had changed so much I barely recognized the Shakespearean town in which I’d spent six weeks on an Oxford scholarship many years ago. I can’t seem to get any pictures to show up. It’s really maddening. I’ve spent the whole day copy-editing “Lady in Blue,” a book I wrote in 1994, soon to be re-issued by Bell Bridge Books. I gotta say, after reading it again, that it is a really good book, and that made me extremely happy. I had tears in my eyes while reading some parts of that story.