Clean it up!

I’m not talking cuss words. I’m talking junk words.

Useless words

I turned in the line edits for my holiday story, MONTANA MIRACLE, yesterday. I love the editorial process because it helps me spit-shine and polish my work. When a writer is in the creative mode, the internal editor needs to stay in the backseat…with earbuds on…listening to rock music. When you hit Editville, the two should switch places.

I have two heavy crosses to bear: passive tense and junk words.


Junk words take up space, distract and fail to impress. Here’s an excellent blog on the subject by BookBub blogger, Diana Urban. She also gives you step-by-step tips on how to seek and destroy these junk¬†words in your masterpiece. 43 WORDS

Passive tense is a curse because most of the time it’s easier to describe something that happened rather than get down and dirty¬†in the action, experiencing the grit and gore, pain and pathos. But action is where the story lives!!!

As my friend, Annie Jones advises: Don’t let the zombies catch you writing in passive voice.

passive zombies Annie Jones


Writerly advice complete. Have a great reading and/or writing weekend, my friends. If you haven’t snuggled up with a rogue yet, MONTANA ROGUE is available on all platforms.

BTW, update to last week’s blog: hubby and I LOVED “The Martian.” Listening to the audiobook while driving made the miles fly past. We even have a date night planned to see the movie.