In Praise of Second Chances (Kathleen Eagle)

NYTimes Bestselling Author Kathleen Eagle

My youngest grandchild turned 8 this weekend, and what did she want for her birthday? A Kindle Fire. This is a child who reads waaay better than I did at her age, loves books, loves to write, loves school—all the stuff that warms Nana’s heart and gives her hope for the future of the planet. But won’t that touch screen spoil her little fingers? Will she soon turn her pretty nose up at paper pages? Will the Kindle be the Buzz Lightyear to her once beloved paper Woody?

I hope so. If you know your Pixar lore, Buzz and Woody eventually play well together, and I’ve come to believe that e-readers and books will, too, at least for the foreseeable (read Nana’s lifetime) future. And that includes my stories. The technology I’ve been diligently avoiding in recent years is stepping up to give some of my best stories new life in a new format. Within the last few years I’ve been able to reclaim the rights to seven books, and I’ve been sitting on those rights, trying to decide how to get those books back into print. They’ve never been available in audio or digital format, both of which spell new life.

First up, THE LAST GOOD MAN, which should be available in March. He’s one of the gentlest cowboys you’ll ever meet. She’s a woman who thought her physical beauty was all she had going for her–before her mastectomy. You can read an excerpt on my web site. This is a book that received lots of honors. It’s the only romance ever nominated for the Minnesota Book Award. It was named one of the 5 Best Romances of the Year (2000) by Library Journal. I’m thrilled to see this book get its second chance. And just look at the gorgeous new cover Bell created for it!

That Kindle of my granddaughter’s has only been in the house for two days, and already it’s lighting my fire. I’m going to break down and get myself one. I think they’re here to stay, and I’m ready to say it’s all good. The written word—like rock-n-roll—will never die. That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it.


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