Beach, BookBub and Book Club

Oh, what a weekend it was!

First, you should know that I live in close proximity to the Central Valley of California. Native Americans knew perfectly well the only way to survive a summer in the Central Valley was to pack up and head either to the mountains or the coast.

I chose the coast. Take a look at this sunset and you’ll see why.

sunset 81515

All-in-all, it was the delightful respite I longed for, except for one salient fact: my book, MONTANA COWBOY, came out in a BookBub ad on Saturday.

BookBub is one of the most popular and effective newsletters in the reading world. Typically, a BookBub ad can do wonders for getting your book into the hands/Kindles of new readers. Because of its reach and popularity, getting your book accepted can take months of trying (four attempts by my wonderful marketing exec at Tule Publishing) and these ads don’t come cheap. So, when you are accepted, it’s a joyous moment–and one that probably works better if you have access to WiFi.

Oops. No WiFi for me.

But, luckily, I have good friends who followed my book’s climb up the Amazon Best Seller List as attentively as I would have if I’d been home. My wonderful pal, Eve Gaddy, sent me this:


Amazon FREE bestseller big

Naturally, I was happy-dancing in the sand on the beach to the amusement of tourists and their dogs. Champagne and gorgeous sunset to follow (see above photo).

Knowing that the temperatures in the Valley were supposed to reach 110-F this week made us consider playing hooky from life. But, I had a meeting of the Wine, Women & Words Book Club to attend, so…we headed inland, watching the outside temp soar.

Our Book Club meeting was at the beautiful home of my friend, Donna. It’s an oasis, actually, with a gorgeous pool. We swam, snacked, enjoyed a “taco bar” (brilliant idea for summer potluck, by the way) and discussed women’s rights and roles in society and cultural inequalities as brought to light by the book: The Pearl That Broke Its Shell.

18505784 Really interesting discussion and a provocative read. Here’s another insight on this topic, if you’re interested.

All in all, it was a fabulous weekend I won’t soon forget…because I brought home a little reminder–from the heart of the sea.



Here’s hoping your coming weekend is just as memorable!


Advice from the Ocean


I spotted this meme on Facebook the other day and immediately snagged it to share because, not only did it make me smile (I’m punny that way), it contains some seriously great advice.

My two favorites?

Sea Life’s Beauty – I try to remind myself of this one every day. My new grandbaby’s smile is a great reminder. They grow up sooo darn fast!  11182769_10203457065500810_8027906965844020009_o

But I also try to be aware of everyday beauty–watching the seasons change in the view from my deck or spotting a glimpse of vibrant scarlet as a hummingbird buzzes by. Sometimes I get too focused inward, too wrapped up in my stories and my characters’ lives, to see the beauty that’s right in front of me.

Take Time To Coast – Luckily, I’m going to the ocean this holiday weekend to hang out with friends. A trip to the coast is “forced” relaxation because there’s no Internet service and it would be rude of me to sit with my nose in my computer writing while everyone else is having fun, right? So, that means, my only “job” for the next four days will be to read, relax and stare at the Pacific. (Although I may take a few walks on the beach to look for sea glass to add to my last haul.)


But I may just sit on the deck with a glass of wine and check out the clouds. Who knows what awesome magic might be lurking?



Wishing you a wonderful Memorial Day weekend wherever you are! I’ll be sea…ing you next week.