San Diego & RWA–what a great combination!

Hi, All,

I’m a bit late posting today because I’m in San Diego for #RWA16, along with a whole bunch of writer friends, business professionals and publishers.

Normally, I’m inside the conference hotel for the entire time–unless we’re in NYC where we splurge on Broadway musicals. ;-) But this is beautiful, amazing, inviting San Diego with its perfect weather, blue skies, bustling harbor and gorgeous skyline. If I’m not attending some interesting workshop or eating–the food!!!–I’m sitting on my 20th floor balcony gazing at the view.


San Diego view from day Deb Salonen


Parked out back you’ll find a few yachts. I’m going to have to sell an awful lot of books to afford one of these.

yachts Deb Salonen

Our hotel is in the background.

Our hotel is in the background.

But the best part of any conference is re-connecting with old friends, like Jeannie Watt and Roz Fox


Roz Fox signing

And yesterday at the luncheon we were treated to an insightful and moving keynote speech from Beverly Jenkins.

Beverly Jenkins RWA

One of my favorite quotes from her speech: “Karma is only a bitch if you are.”

There’s a lot going on at all times, and I’m going to be glad when it’s over so I can slink back to my quiet writer’s cave, but tomorrow I will get to hang out with TTQ and Pat Potter for a bit. And I’m looking forward to the RITAs where my amazing friend C.J. Carmichael is up for an award.

CJ RITA 2016

Signing off from beautiful downtown San Diego,



Sorry (Lymond de Sevigny)

All the Hard Stuff is Left to Me. Sigh.

This morning, the Can-Opener left me home alone and went to something called an airport to pick up a friend, leaving me home alone all day. No Pet ‘n’ Purr Session. No canned food. Just the dry stuff. I’ve been neglected and resentful all day. Well, not counting the time when I was sleeping, which is most of the time. Nonetheless, if we don’t speak up, C-Os won’t know how we feel. And at the moment, I feel regretful for complaining. A whole new feeling for me. Turns out it was Melissa McClone the C-O picked up. The remarkable cat lover who raised thousand of dollars to fix a painful ear problem afflicting one of her many rescue cats. I suspect more than a few readers of StoryBroads got the message and contributed what they could.

I also know many people don’t value cats and dogs and birds and other creatures who roam this earth. It’s natural they would view human lives and health worth far more than our lives and health. Yes, humans rule the planet we share with them, and many of us are neglected. Some are abandoned, others are tortured. It’s true. But humans also torture one another, so who can guess what our masters will do?

I’m not a perfect cat. But I try, and I have been lucky. My C-O takes good care of me, and when she travels, her good friend Thea Gurns does the same. We all need to take care of one another, don’t you think?

I read a quotation once, from someone who lived more than a great many cat-lives ago. Something about what you do to the least of these my creatures, you do to me. I think I got that wrong, except for the meaning part..

The C-O tells me she learned a lot today from Melissa McClone, who launches herself  into all sorts of projects that can help pets and people. And for whatever reason–her kindness, her energy her determination, her family support, and her generous spirit should be a lesson to all humans. And cats, I suppose. I shall try to measure up to exemplary cat behavior. But don’t count on me succeeding, because I am, after all, a cat.