Group mentality

I’m not here today.

Perhaps this will give you a clue to my location.


Yep. I’m in San Francisco, with 60+ Indie authors taking part in an UnCon.

What is an Uncon, you ask?

Well, it’s not this: RWA

This is my first Uncon, so I can’t say for certain, but my hope is–and from what I heard attendees of previous Uncons say, it’s: practical, hands-on, in the trenches, tried and true, been-there-done-that information shared in an informal, organic group setting. No formal agenda–except for a couple of already-agreed upon industry speakers.

I’m excited and just a tiny bit nervous. I have some specific questions–mostly about how to save time on the PR side of this biz. And how to stay informed without spending three hours each morning reading emails/group posts.

But it’s not all work, of course. I’ll be hanging with my friends in San Francisco, for the weekend. How cool is that? Maybe, if we have time, I’ll take them to one of my favorite spots. We can meditate on our future success as we walk the labyrinth at Grace Catherdral.

A few years ago standing on the step of Grace Cathedral on Nob Hill.

A few years ago standing on the steps of Grace Cathedral on Nob Hill.

I hope you have a lovely weekend. If the weather is still awful in your part of the world, I hope you can hunker down and curl up with a good book. I’d be happy to recommend my latest, which was released on Monday.


It’s only available at Amazon for the moment. The reviews are making me very happy. Here’s the link if you’re interested. MAVERICK

See you next week when we prepare to “spring ahead.” Again. Arguh!!!



RWA (Anne Stuart)

First off, sorry I was MIA last week.  I didn’t even remember until midweek.  The week of RWA is always total insanity.

As most of you know, we had the Romance Writers of America national conference in NYC this week, always a crazy time.  Here, forthwith, are the good and the bad.

1.  We were at the overflow hotel, which was relatively peaceful and calm, with none of the ghastly elevator issues.

2.  We got to see editors and agents in the natural habitat

3.  My visit coincided with a gorgeous Broadway celebration of my cousin’s wife, Beverley Randolph, that washed all my makeup off but was worth it, and I’m so grateful for the timing.

4.  I got to drool over some of my favorite writers, many who were singularly unimpressed that it was me drooling <g>.

5.  I love NYC

6.  Sherry Thomas won the RITA.  Mind you, that category was so tight I would have refused to judge if they’d asked me — I’d read most of them and they were all deserving of a win.   However, I just discovered Sherry so I was particularly tickled about that one.

7.  Sherrilyn Kenyon’s speech (the only one I heard) was wonderful.

8.  I got to see some of my favorite people, like Anne Gracie, Judith Keiler, Terry Medeiros, Eloisa James (only long enough to give her a big smack on the cheek).  And I missed far too many others.

9.  Crusie’s workshops were fabulous, even more fabulous than usual.

10.  Pocket Books put RAZIEL in the goody bag, god bless ‘em.

Now for the bad.

1.  It was a looong walk to the hotel, and I was in a lot of pain (probably because NYC is not conducive to scooters).  I do fine for short distances but NYC has deceptively long blocks.  I finally learned to just take the effing cab.

2.  I missed so many people, including my fellow Storybroads, and only saw others as I was leaping into a coveted elevator.

3.  For some reason I was exhausted.  I missed the Harlequin party (no nun this year) and two smaller parties of my dearest friends.  I missed any workshop I thought I might like.  I was drained.  Then again, I wasn’t sleeping well and I’ve been under a lot of stress.  I may have a thyroid problem, though, so doctor when I get home.

4.  One publisher is thoroughly, and at this point probably permanently, on my shit list.   The wonderful thing about e-publishing is that, while I’m a firm believer in traditional publishing, I have other options as well.  More about that later.

5.  I was also too achy and tired to shop.  In NYC!  Oh, the horror!

6.  Everything was too expensive, of course, and Times Square is more of a madhouse than it used to be.

7.  There’s someone I want to smack, really hard.

8.  I’d rather be writing (and I did write in my hotel room)

9.  ….  you know, I am so much a glass half-full person that I’m already tired of complaining.

RWA is a madhouse of frustration and delight.  I tend to like it better when it’s someplace else, since I live close enough to come to NYC and meet with my agents and publishers, but even so it’s always full of stimulation.  When it’s over you come home stoked and ready to write.  (Which used to be tough when I was younger and had kids home from school for the summer).

RWA is the people, and I didn’t get to see enough of them, but I’m still very very glad I coughed up the money and decided to get my ass down there.  In the end, we’re all on this road together, and RWA gives me a chance to seem my fellow travelers.