Are you Black Friday shopping? Here’s an alternative.

I must admit–it’s tempting to go shopping for some excellent, money-saving deals, but the stress of standing in line with a great deal of humanity, just doesn’t work for me.

Here’s my alternative: hiking in Yosemite National Park.


And when I get home, I will be sitting by the fire and reading…for FREE.  Please join me–and help spread the word. Who doesn’t love FREE?


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 Also, I’d like to invite you to Tule Publishing’s Holiday Party on Facebook next Thursday, December 1. Please drop by for some good cheer, book talk with lots of authors and prizes galore. Here’s the link:


I’ll be there off and on all day, celebrating the release of my new Love at the Chocolate Shop title, MONTANA SECRET SANTA, which just received a wonderful review from Library Journal.

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Here’s the review: Salonen, Debra. Montana Secret Santa. Tule. (Love at the Chocolate Shop, Bk. 3). Dec. 2016. 168p. ebk. ISBN 9781945879029. $2.99. CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE

Temporarily back in Marietta, MT, to dog-sit while his parents are away, brainy tech millionaire Jonah Andrews has no plans to stay—until classy advertising expert Krista Martin is knocked off her feet by one of his wayward charges. Railroaded into chairing the town’s wish- granting Secret Santa Society, Jonah is totally out of his depth. Then Krista reluctantly ends up on the board as well, and she proves to be just the lifeline he needs. A brilliant but socially clue- less hero and a career-focused heroine struggle to keep their growing attraction on the casual side and eventually find their goals and lifestyles aren’t as far apart as they seemed. Who could resist a lovable canine trio or a hero who invents something just for you? VERDICT Sweet, affecting, and just plain fun, this holiday charmer is a delightful addition to the series and a perfect companion to a mug of hot chocolate and a crackling fire. Salonen (Black Hills Rancher) lives in South Dakota.

(For the record: I lived in South Dakota. I’m a California girl now. ;-) )

Whatever your plans for the day, I hope they turn out great!!!


Two Days to Go (Tara Taylor Quinn)

After two years of work, worry, sleepless nights, working weekends, and determination, The Chapman Files are created, packaged and starting to arrive.  In two days, on Friday, August 20, the official celebration begins as we launch a three month international blog tour.  We’ve got more than fifty stops scheduled!  I really really hope you all will join me on this venture.  It’s a scary world out there!  We’re going to be giving away books at many of the blog stops.  And each month we’ll be giving away an item from that month’s featured Chapman File.  I’ll be giving clues to the item all month on the tour.  Anyone who guesses the item will be entered in the drawing to win the item.  At the end of the tour we’ll be awarding prizes for all kinds of fun things, like a prize goes to the person who commented on the most blogs.  The reader who makes the funniest comment, etc.

The First Stop On The Tour: 8/20/2010 Harlequin Superromance Authors Blog

Stop Two:  8/23/2010 Books, Movies, Reviews, Oh My!  This is a great site!  Stormi Johnson has a lot of great reviews, free giveaways.  This is the place to find all things of interest to readers and book lovers.

Stop Three: 8/23/2010  Harlequin Superromance Authors Blog

For a weekly schedule and daily updates visit  The schedule is right on the front page. 

We’re still adding blog tour spots to the schedule.  If anyone knows of a blog spot that wants to be included, please email

This isn’t all about fun, though.  Over the next three months, Kelly Chapman and I are raising money for Strengthen our Sisters, the nation’s first battered women’s shelter.   A couple of years ago I wrote a novella based on the life and work of Sandra Ramos, the shelter’s founder.  Sandra currently has ten houses, all filled to capacity.  In these hard times, she’s lost $400,000.00 in donated funds and is fighting desperately not to turn women and children out onto the street.  She’s working from just past dawn until three in the morning most days to raise money and provide children’s services and job training and legal help for these battered women.  The women at Strengthen Our Sisters need any help we can give them. 

The heroine in The First Wife realizes that she is a victim of domestic abuse.  Domestic Abuse does not just come in the form of bruises and broken bones.  It’s not always that obvious.  But it is always debilitating.  It is up to us, as women, to strengthen our own sisters who are in trouble, to help them see that they don’t have to live lives bound by fear or anger or manipulation.  We might not have the biceps and triceps to equal our brothers’ but we are NOT the weaker sex.  When we join hands and spread our love around we can do anything.  Fight anything.  Beat anything.  Love conquers all.  I write about that.  And I really beleive it.

Those of us who have been victims, at any time in our lives,  have no reason to be ashamed or to live in shame.  Nor do we have to live alone in the dark with the pain.  To the contrary, we are to be honored and adored.  To live with the sun on our faces.  We deserve that.  All living creatures deserve that.

The blog tour is going to end with a big bash in Phoenix on December 4th, a launch party, charity event, to celebrate the launch of The Fourth Victim, and to celebrate the strength of a world that cares about, that cherishes, all that is woman.  A world that strengthens our sisters.  We’re giving away 200 autographed books at the party.  All attendees are being asked to donate a minimum of $2 at the door.  We’ll also be announcing all of the winners of prizes from the blog tour.  The party is going to be broadcast live on so you all can attend!  Anyone who can make it to Phoenix is welcome to attend the party there!

So, the time has come.  To quote an editor of mine, if we can touch just one life with all of this, our work was worth the effort.  Happy Reading everyone.  Read the Books.  Live the Life.  Please come see me on Friday!