The Friendship Video (Tara Taylor Quinn)

I value Friendship more than just about anything.  Friendship with family members.  With those who’ve walked paths with me at various times in my life.  Even friendships with those I’ve never met personally, but have come to know as ‘pen pals.’  Because to me, life isn’t about what we gain in monetary wealth, it’s about the love we’ve shared.  It’s about hearts connecting.  About helping souls along their way.  For me, there’s no other reason to be here.

Not long ago I started an open board on Pinterest simply called friendship.  I go to this board first thing every morning now.  To see the posts that have appeared from around the world during the night.  We are a growing group of strangers from all over the world who lift each other up with our personal expressions and pictures of what friendship is and does.  What it means to us.

We’d love to have you join us.  It’s free.  No strings attached.  Just go the ttq Friendship board on Pinterest and follow it.  With a follow, you’ll receive an invite to join the board and start leaving your own pins there.  If nothing else, check us out.  Your only risk is that you’ll be uplifted!

In the meantime, my honey put together a video that includes some of the pins posted by Friendship pinners.    Enjoy!

When The Heart Feels Lonely at Thanksgiving Time (Tara Taylor Quinn)

I wonder what the world would be like if we didn’t have each other to learn from.  What would a day look like without anything being passed from one person to another?

As I sit alone in my office, day after day, it’s easy to imagine that I could go it alone.  That I could get up each day, write my books, go to bed at night and start it all over again.  I can shop from my computer.  I can pay bills from computer.  My checks are delivered to me.  I might have to venture out to the grocery store every now and then.  But I could survive.

And then I look around me.  I’ve surrounded myself with the things that fill up my spirit.  That feed my soul.  And I am brought up short.  I could no more go it alone then I could walk on water.  I’m human.  With far more precious needs than food, water, and a roof over my head.  My heart and soul need the give and take with other hearts and souls to nourish it from moment to moment.  From day to day.  Week to week.  Year to year.

My phone beeps a text message.  My cousin.  She contacts me pretty much every single morning.  And has for years.  Not just for a time, or something she might try for a while, but something that has been ongoing for many years.  Before text messaging she emailed every day.  That is what feeds my soul as I sit alone.

That picture up there…the cornucopia.  It’s on a shelf to my right.  My mother made that.  She made another one just like it and I loved it and was so impressed by her talent and ability and wanted to have it forever, to remind me everything good about her for the rest of my days and then she donated the thing to her church boutique and it sold within the first minutes and I was really and truly sad.  Until I opened a Christmas present and there was another one – made by her loving hands, just for me.

There are pictures all around me.  From fifty years ago.  From this morning.  And many moment in between.  Snippets of memories.  Of love.  There’s a photo of my daughter right in front of my computer screen, between the keyboard and the screen.  There are pictures to the left, to the right, and behind me, too, for when I turn around.  I look at them every time I glance away from the work in progress.

I stop work for a moment to go out on Facebook and Pinterest and Twitter.  I have messages and notices, people who have shared tidbits of themselves with me, who welcome me into the minutes of their lives.

And then my insistent little princess starts tossing the cable cord with her nose.  over and over and over again.  She wants my attention.  Her big brother comes out of the laundry room carrying an unmentionable.  The phone rings.  It’s Tim.

And I realize that I don’t go it alone at all.  Not even a little bit.  And I am very thankful.

Pinterest, Free Book (Tara Taylor Quinn)

I’ve arrived!!!  I finally found a social media that I just love!!!  It’s quick and easy.  You get to know bits and pieces about people in a way that I absolutely love – a way that speaks to me.  You get to know what they think is pretty or stylish.  You see if they love books.  You see what they think about relationships and what kind of foods they like to eat.

All in picture format or a quote that’s only a few words.  I can do this!!

My publisher has been voraciously pressing me for a stronger internet presence.  I don’t spend enough time out here.  I get it.  I’ve just been strongly with logistics.  I’ve got four books out this year.  And four books out next year, too.  When you think about the logic of that…I’m writing four books a year.  Revising four books a year.  Doing line edits on four books a year.  And reading print outs of four books a year.  I’m doing art fact sheets and brain storming titles for four books a year.  I LOVE THAT I GET TO DO FOUR BOOKS A YEAR!!!  And sometimes, at the end of the day, I’m tired.  (Okay pretty much every day at the end of the day I’m tired.)  While I have a true desire to connect with everyone on social media, to form the relationships, I just struggle with finding the energy to do so as often as I must in order to tend to the budding relationships.

Enter Pinterest!!  To borrow a very very old, worn and too much tried saying, Try It You’ll Like It.

Or, please try it.  I’ll like it!

I have a free book to giveaway and the winner will be drawn from those who start to follow me today on Pinterest.  I’m lonely out there!