The Friendship Video (Tara Taylor Quinn)

I value Friendship more than just about anything.  Friendship with family members.  With those who’ve walked paths with me at various times in my life.  Even friendships with those I’ve never met personally, but have come to know as ‘pen pals.’  Because to me, life isn’t about what we gain in monetary wealth, it’s about the love we’ve shared.  It’s about hearts connecting.  About helping souls along their way.  For me, there’s no other reason to be here.

Not long ago I started an open board on Pinterest simply called friendship.  I go to this board first thing every morning now.  To see the posts that have appeared from around the world during the night.  We are a growing group of strangers from all over the world who lift each other up with our personal expressions and pictures of what friendship is and does.  What it means to us.

We’d love to have you join us.  It’s free.  No strings attached.  Just go the ttq Friendship board on Pinterest and follow it.  With a follow, you’ll receive an invite to join the board and start leaving your own pins there.  If nothing else, check us out.  Your only risk is that you’ll be uplifted!

In the meantime, my honey put together a video that includes some of the pins posted by Friendship pinners.    Enjoy!