An Invitation (Tara Taylor Quinn)

A couple of years ago I bought Tim a camera.  Mom chipped in for a lense.  And now he brings incredible beauty out of everywhere we go.  He brings into our home – beautiful nature when we’re trapped inside the dark.  Exquisitely detailed snippets that bring memories to crisp life.  This is what happens when we dare to say what we want – and then give our desires every bit of our energy.  When we dare to want.

I’ve faced some trials.  I continue to face them.  And I look at this picture and I know that I also dare to want.  I get up every single day because life is there, waiting for me to take it up with all that I am.  And I take it up.

And pictures happen.  Memories happen.  Good things happen.

Next week, one week from today, August 22, I am celebrating another birthday.  And Tim and I, along with Harlequin Books, and others, are bringing the celebration to you.  Every single person gets a present – completely free – no strings attached.  No limit to the number of presents.  If we have a million people, there will be a million presents.  (Thanks, to Harlequin!)  We hope you will join us!!

From the time I was a kid, all I cared about was reading and writing.  And love and relationships.  I didn’t need a lot of friends, I just needed the friends I had to be connected bone deep.  I was the same in my reading.  I didn’t love a lot of authors, but I was connected, bone deep, to the ones I read.  Once I graduated from Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys, I was pretty exclusive.  I read Harlequin category romance.  And I read – and studied – Mark Twain and Edgar Allen Poe.  Both spoke to me, intimately, for different reasons.  I wrote theses on both during college.  And I look at that picture up there, and life comes together for me.  Everything is connected.  Tim takes a beautiful picture of a raven simply because the raven was there and he noticed it - and I look at it and hear Edgar Allen Poe saying, “Quoth the raven, nevermore.”

Please join us next week – I’m daring to want for my birthday – and what I want is connections.  Nothing more.


Tim’s First Masterpieces (Tara Taylor Quinn)

Tim sees amazing pictures wherever we go.  We’ll be driving along and he’ll spot something that just has to be captured.  Like the time he got the end of the rainbow in New Mexico.  Or this past winter when we were above a frozen lake.  He sees the picture.  He stops.  He captures moments.  He transfers them to the computer.  And while the moments were there, the beauty is never quite as good as we’d remembered it.  Because he was doing it all with his phone.  And with our little point and click camera.

This past weekend, as an early birthday gift (so he had time to practice before we leave on a business trip that takes place over his birthday) I bought him a camera that will work with him instead of against him, and already he’s creating priceless memories.

See what you think!

First, I have to introduce our summer family member – Buddy.  Buddinski, or Dinski as he fondly answers to in our house.  Tim and I bought him for my mom for Christmas a couple of years ago and he’s here with us from Arizona for the summer.

So, first up, you had Mama with her three babies.  And this is really what my life is like all day every day.  If I sit, the three of them are there, vying for attention.  And no, I do not have treats.  They just haven’t quite accepted that I only have two hands.  They all three insist on attention at the same time.  Every time.  All day.  Please note that Dinski is right in the middle.

Then we have the three babies being themselves.


If you look closely at the second one here, you can see one of the four gold fish. 

Some Action Shots…

If the book doesn’t get done, it’s not my fault.  How can I possibly stare at a computer screen when I have to answer to this all day? 

And I leave you with my favorite shot so far…