Release Day!

Mav3releaseMy new book, MONTANA DARLING, is out! See Deb celebrate!

Here’s the buy link to Amazon, which will be the only format available for 3 months:  And, by the way, the release price of $.99 is only good for a couple of days, so grab it cheap! I would! ;-)

This is Book 3 in my Big Sky Mavericks series…Mia’s story.


People assume I set out to write a series. Nope. Would have been nice, but I started out with a vague idea of the Zabrinski family when I first met my hero of MONTANA COWGIRL (COWGIRL COME HOME), Paul Zabrinski. Starting from scratch with a new book is like moving to a new town and meeting one interesting person, who seems to come from an interesting family.

This was my first take of his siblings:

Austen = politician/heartbreaker with a big ego and no heart to speak of.

Mia = workaholic, overachiever, single mom/breast cancer survivor who had the rug pulled out from under her supposedly perfect life.

Meg = emotionally remote egghead professor who likes wolves more than people but wants to have a baby before she turns forty.

You know what they say about first impressions–be prepared to be proven wrong. Austen turned out to have a real, beating heart–have you seen him with the baby alpacas? Mia’s intensity masked her vulnerability, but she turned out to be the bravest of them all.  And Meg? I’m writing her story now, and I find out something new and interesting about her every day.

I hope you’ll come to love them, too.


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Happy Labor/Release Day

Today is the start of Labor Day weekend.

When I was a kid, this meant: the end of summer, the beginning of school, and a new season of TV shows.

My, how things have changed!

For one, I live in California, now, and it’s supposed to be hot all week.

weather CV

Second, about half the kids I know started school three weeks ago. My granddaughters start next Wednesday.

As as for network programming, the new shows, like Viola Davis’s new series, which I can’t wait to try, are still 3-4 weeks away.


Luckily, I have something to keep me busy until then. ;-)

For me, today is a different kind of Labor Day. Today marks the release of Nobody’s Cowboy, my second book for Tule Publishing, and the first book in my Big Sky Mavericks trilogy.


As every author knows, releasing a book is a little like giving birth. You’ve labored for weeks/months. You ate right, took your vitamins, did the research, picked a name and crossed for your fingers that the fruit of your labor would be well-received by the world at large.

The thing about Nobody’s Cowboy that has me worried is my hero. Austin Zabrinski was introduced in Cowgirl Come Home. He’s that book’s hero’s older brother. He has older brother syndrome. He may have felt he was only trying to take care of his younger brother but in doing so he may have come off a bit…umm…abrasive. Or, as several readers commented, “Austen is a pain in the arse.” (So to speak.)

Luckily, so far, the early reviews have all been positive.

From Shari: “Reading Nobody’s Cowboy, my family was wondering why I was laughing so hard. Communal toilet…Austen is redeeming himself already.”

From Christina: You have no idea how awesome it was to read “Northern California” and not find out she was from the Bay Area! And the mention of Jefferson was awesome, too! Loved it all!!!”

Like any mama, I’m nervous about sending my baby off into the big, chaotic world, but I’m excited, too. Here’s a buy link, in case you want to take advantage of the release day price of 99¢. BUY

So, what’s on your Labor Day agenda? I will be R&Ring with friends on the West Coast of California–and watching the Amazon stats for Nobody’s Cowboy, like the hovermother I am. ;-)


Have a great 3-day weekend, everyone!


PS: For those of you who love to hold a “real” book in your hot, little hands, Cowgirl Come Home is finally available from CreateSpace. AND, the ebook version will be FREE at Amazon, Sept. 1-4, if you want a copy on your ereader, too. BUY