“Older” heroes and heroines? Y or N?


As I was putting together some PR material for my Big Sky Maverick book MONTANA MAVERICK, it struck me that I didn’t know whether or not to mention the age of my main protagonists: 39 and 48.

Their age is important to the story. They’ve both reached pivotal places in their individual journeys and any decision on whether or not to act on the attraction they’ve always felt for each other comes with significant gravity and the re-imagining of certain truths and dreams each holds dear.

Don’t you agree that the decisions you made at 21, 25…even 30…were handled differently than the thought process you brought to the table ten years later? Does the idea of an older–more experienced–hero and heroine put you off or would you welcome the chance to experience their second-chance-at-love a bit further down the road of life?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

If you’re a fan of older heroes and heroines, I think you’ll enjoy Meg and Hank’s book (and you can catch up with them later in MONTANA MIRACLE).

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Black Hills Rancer_3DeBook Blank

The last thing Cade Garrity expected when he went to Sentinel Pass to meet Jessie Bouchard—a prospective, short-term tenant willing to trade a little childcare in return for a discounted rent—was to save her life. But the video her twin sister, Remy, shot doesn’t lie. And the fact that the nutcase who booby-trapped Jessie’s stunt is still on the loose makes it impossible for Cade to turn his back on her. But Cade married a woman who put satisfying her need for excitement ahead of her family–ahead of him–and it killed her. He’s not going down that road again no matter how much he desires Jessie Bouchard.

Despite what people think, Jessie does not have a death wish. She learned at a young age the only way to handle pain and fear was to face it head on. That’s what she does. And she’s convinced herself that living for the moment is enough–until she meets Cade and his daughter, Shiloh. There may be more to life than that next death-defying stunt, but does she deserve the kind of life Cade has to offer? She isn’t sure, and unless she finds the person who is trying to kill her, she won’t get a chance to answer that question.


It’s available on most platforms:

AMAZON: http://littl.ink/BHRAZ
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In other good news, I’m excited to tell you I’ve gotten my rights back to “missing” story in this 9-book series. That book, newly titled BLACK HILLS NATIVE SON, will be coming in mid-September. If you’d like to be among the first to see the new cover, please sign up for my newsletter here: https://www.instafreebie.com/free/Y5GJG

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Group mentality

I’m not here today.

Perhaps this will give you a clue to my location.


Yep. I’m in San Francisco, with 60+ Indie authors taking part in an UnCon.

What is an Uncon, you ask?

Well, it’s not this: RWA

This is my first Uncon, so I can’t say for certain, but my hope is–and from what I heard attendees of previous Uncons say, it’s: practical, hands-on, in the trenches, tried and true, been-there-done-that information shared in an informal, organic group setting. No formal agenda–except for a couple of already-agreed upon industry speakers.

I’m excited and just a tiny bit nervous. I have some specific questions–mostly about how to save time on the PR side of this biz. And how to stay informed without spending three hours each morning reading emails/group posts.

But it’s not all work, of course. I’ll be hanging with my friends in San Francisco, for the weekend. How cool is that? Maybe, if we have time, I’ll take them to one of my favorite spots. We can meditate on our future success as we walk the labyrinth at Grace Catherdral. http://www.gracecathedral.org/visit/labyrinth/

A few years ago standing on the step of Grace Cathedral on Nob Hill.

A few years ago standing on the steps of Grace Cathedral on Nob Hill.

I hope you have a lovely weekend. If the weather is still awful in your part of the world, I hope you can hunker down and curl up with a good book. I’d be happy to recommend my latest, which was released on Monday.


It’s only available at Amazon for the moment. The reviews are making me very happy. Here’s the link if you’re interested. MAVERICK

See you next week when we prepare to “spring ahead.” Again. Arguh!!!



Typing The End

“Debra Salonen, you just finished writing Montana Maverick, the final book in your 4-book series, what are you going to do now?”


“Well, imaginary, sports commentator, I’m sure as heck not going to Disneyland. Darn it.”

The end is just the beginning of the next step for me. You’ve heard of R&R, I call this R&R&R:




Since I compose in Scrivener, which I love for its organizational snazziness, I “compile” my chapters and export to Word when I’m all done, so I can make use of Word’s layout, font, thesaurus and dictionary. First thing I do is: spell check. Then, I make a global search/replace for any names I might have changed part way through. (Yes, this happens. A name I like in the beginning might sound wrong for a certain character as I get to know him or her. Example: baby Missy is actually baby Misty. Her dead mother told me so.)

After that little bit of housekeeping, I read–on a single screen with no distractions. I take my laptop to a different location than where I’ve been composing, and I try not to judge or line edit (this is the tough part). I just want to see if the story talks to me, makes my heart race or brings a tear. (I sobbed twice while writing this, but that doesn’t mean the reader will “see” what I felt when I wrote it. One can only hope.)

After I’ve read it, I send the unedited file to my: first reader. This used to be my sister, Jan. I miss her so much. Not just because she’s not here to read and tell me how much she loves my stories, but I miss that, too. ;-) Luckily, I have a good friend–shout out to Jackie!!!–who also likes to read my stories. Plus, she has a very discerning eye and mad editing skills, as well. Life is good.

My editor gets it next.

That’s were “revise” comes in. Hopefully, a few fixes will make it stronger, then, it comes back to me to read–this time to look for typos. This pass, I use a trick I picked up from a writer online: I convert the text to two columns, so it looks like a book. Funny, how your eyes see it differently from when you wrote it.

I’m sharing this because most people hear the words “The End” and think “Hooray! You’re done.”

Not quite, but I’m a lot closer than I was last week. ;-) Now, you know what I’ll be doing all weekend. What do you have planned? If you tell me you’re going to Disneyland, I’ll cry. ;-)