Get Out on Top (Tara Taylor Quinn)

Summer with TTQ Banner smallerI’ve been thinking a lot about right and wrong.  What’s right for one might not be right for another.  We have tough choices to make sometimes.  Choices that are right in one perspective and wrong in another.  Choices where someone is going to get hurt no matter what we do.  These kinds of challenges can be road blocks beyond which we never get past.  We become frozen, unable to move for fear of going the wrong way.  And sometimes not moving is the worst choice of all.  Because then everyone gets hurt.

I believe we have all been given a tool, an internal GPS, to guide us around the road blocks.  To help us choose the road that is the one we are meant to travel.  Or a road that will allow us to fulfill our purpose.  Or a purpose.  It’s not the mind, at this point, that can help us.  The mind is the thing stopping us.  At this critical point, it is only our hearts that can guide us.  Not to be confused with emotions.  Our emotions, depending on which one is reigning supreme, create many of life’s greatest troubles.  But our hearts, that sense of internal peace, is the ultimate guide.  Get to a place where you can quiet your mind.  Where no one’s voice is influencing you.  Including your own internal critic.  Just find a peaceful moment.  And in that peace, ask your question.  You will get a sense of knowing.

Every time in my life, when I’ve acted on that peaceful sense of knowing, I have been able to live with myself in the consequences.  When I act on emotion, or thinking, alone, I almost always have regrets.

The knowing isn’t always there.  It doesn’t always answer when I want it to.  Sometimes I have to sit for weeks, or longer, revisiting the peaceful place, until I ‘know’.  Sometimes we are meant to wait.

I have always told my daughter, from the time she was very young, to listen to her heart.  That is my prayer for everyone.  It is the only answer.

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Midweek Madness (Tara Taylor Quinn)

I am skidding in here a bit late, but Storybroads has been on my mind all week.  We’ve been around a while.  Since the dawn of blogging.  I can’t measure the value of that.  I’m just glad to be here.

I’m in the midst of an on-line book tour.  Instead of taking away from that, I hope you’ll all join me.  I’m on many many new sites this week – all entertaining, informative, well read book sites.  Like storybroads, they just feel good.  Please gift yourself with a moment to stop in.  Look around.  Read some of the posts.  Enter some of the giveaways.  You don’t have to comment, just click.

Today’s stops are:

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And for a complete listing of tour information:

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Someone Has Your Back (Tara Taylor Quinn)

Paperbacks Plus Bookstore in Minnesota.  Click on the picture to visit!

Paperbacks Plus Bookstore in Minnesota. Click on the picture to visit!

Yesterday was not an easy day.  I’m on day nine of no less than eight hours a day and mostly no less than twelve hours a day of sitting at my computer, typing as fast as my fingers will fly.  It’s become almost comical (to me, I’m the only one here) and I laughed out loud once.  Taylor looked up at me.  For a while.  And then went back to sleep.  I love my chair, but…

You know how a person can lay in the bed for too long and get bed sores?  I’ve never personally been exposed to the occurrence, but I’ve heard of it.  Well, I think I have chair sores.  Not the open flesh kind.  A less obvious, less visible kind.  My shoulders were starting to hurt.  So this perfectly wonderful and quite expensive chair I own started to…get decorated.  First, a blanket on the back of it.  It’s Raggedy Ann and Andy.  My daughter bought it for me.  It says ‘Friends Forever’ on it with a big heart and the two books I’m working on this week are about three friends.  The blanket is kind of furry.  And kept the leather warm.

Next it was another part of me.  Including my hip.  I added a pillow to the bottom of the chair.  I was getting stiff with limited movement due to making sure Taylor didn’t fall out the open side arm of the chair.  I added a padded bath rug to the seat of the chair, tucking it in, and draped it over the arm of the chair.  Bonus added benefit to me, I now have a padded arm chair!  And she fits perfectly beside me with no harm of falling.

Then my shoulder and neck stiffened up to the point of not being able to turn my head.  So I added another pillow.  Two of them actually.  One behind my shoulders, and one beneath the shoulder one, to hold it up.  Another bonus benefit: my lower back is now supported!

My right forearm, my mouse arm, has been on the fritz for a while now.  It doesn’t hurt when I type.  At all.  But anytime I reach for something it argues with me.  Not kindly.  So I now have a heating pad in my lap, where I can rest my arm, and when my legs get too hot, I drape it across my arm as I type.  Only problem there is, it bonks Taylor in the head and she gives me dirty looks.

I can’t take a day off.  I turned in a book yesterday.  Have revisions due Friday on another book.  Chapters due for a third book on Monday.  And I can’t stop writing even if there were no due dates.  Writing is what I do.  In some facet, it’s what I am. But yesterday, in the midst of all this hard work, my Amazon sales ranking was down.  And that was my real problem.

I was a little less eager to take my aching arm to the computer this morning.  But I got up.  Took a breath.  Took Mom to work.  And presented myself at the computer.  I went to Facebook first as I do every morning.  Just to check in.  And the picture you see up there was waiting for me.  Out of the blue.  A woman whose store has been in business since 1988, had just connected with me on Facebook and posted the above picture to her wall.  Please click on the photo above and visit her.  Or like her on Facebook.  Not just because she supports me, but because she’s listening to the universe and her actions made a difference.  Yesterday was probably just another work day to her.  And her work day was a huge gift to me.  When I look at the big picture, it’s a great one!

Now a chance for a great gift for you.  The Heartwarming authors are giving away a huge Valentine gift.  My first Heartwarming book is one of the three mentioned above and not out until July, so I can’t offer you one, but there are a ton of great books in the giveaway.  To enter, just click on the book cover.  It’s part of the prize!A Child's Christmas