70 Books (Tara Taylor Quinn)

That’s it.  That’s me.  70 Books.  As of today, July 1, 2015, with the release of:

OnceUponAFriendshipIt’s a second milestone as well.  Once Upon a Friendship is my first novel with the Harlequin Heartwarming program.  This series is like Superromance without graphic sex and language.  Or, as I think of it, don’t over do the swearing or body parts.  The stories are as deep, as complex, the people are like the rest of our friends.  I’m incredibly happy with Once Upon a Friendship.  It’s the story of three college friends, two girls and a guy, who’ve become like family.  They buy a historic apartment building in downtown Denver, to save the homes of elderly residents who’d been given their moving orders.  One of the friends owns the popular coffee shop on the first floor.  And ttq style, things get all mucked up.  There’s a crime, a bodyguard, a family no one knew existed…and a friendship that is being challenged at its very core.

To celebrate #70 I thought I’d give you a peek back:

My very first published book: YesterdaysSecretsNumber 10 click for eBook:

HeartofChristmas Number 20 was listed on the Amazon top selling Superromances this month.  Click for eBook:


Number 30 is a Kindle deal right now!  Just 1.99:


Number 40 is based on my parent’s true life love story Click for eBook:


Number 50 Click for eBook:

ADaughter'sTrust Number 60 was also on the Amazon Superromance Bestseller List this month!  Click for eBook:


You can see there are a lot of different kinds of stories in the ttq library!  But they all have the signature in depth, psychological look at life.  Every step of the journey.  Every beat of the heart!

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Words With Friends (Tara Taylor Quinn)

I am a game lover.  Always have been.  And a word lover.  I’ve always been that, too.  I can remember one year at Christmas time.  I was in my late teens and got the best present…a book, eight inch by ten inch size.  It was the New Collegiate Webster’s Dictionary.  It’s not new anymore.  But I still have that book.  I still use that book.  I still love that book.

That Christmas Day, while everyone played with their new Christmas toys, I read my dictionary.  It was the best!  All those new words!  Things I’d never heard of.  New ways to express myself.  New nuances for my writing.  I couldn’t get enough.

I still read the dictionary sometimes.  It’s like unraveling a big mystery, or opening a treasure trove.  So many new things to discover, new thoughts, new ways of expressing thoughts, more opportunities to be understood.

Back to games…my earliest memories of playing games date back to early childhood.  Croquet in the backyard at our family cabin before I was strong enough to swing the mallet and send the ball more than a couple of inches.  My family played games.  Always.  I learned to play cribbage while I was in elementary school.  There was the peg game – a homemade wooden board with dice and pegs kind of like Aggravation.  We still have that, too.

For my thirtieth birthday I had a game night with my mom and aunts.  And many many Saturday nights when my daughter was growing up consisted of game night.  We’d pull out one of any number of games, from Trivial Pursuit to Pictionary, with many many in between and have rousing games that always included laughter.  And concentration, too.

And now there is Word for Friends.  The game is a marriage of my love of words and my love of games.  And for better or worse, I can play it at any time of the day or night, just by picking up my phone.  I don’t have to wait until someone else is available to play.  I don’t have to just play one game.  I can play as many games as I want to play at any time.

Tim and I have slowly become somewhat addicted to the game.  We both have several games going at a time – with each other and with family members, too.  Some Sunday mornings we just sit on the couch with our diet coke and coffee and play Words.  If we need more games to satisfy the moment, we start more with each other.  But we don’t just play on Sundays.  The game as infiltrated every day, and many moments of our lives.  The tone will sound indicating that someone has played and off we go.

I’m sure that there could be some negative to all of this, but I am equally sure that I don’t want to know about it.  I figure, if I have to have an addiction – a vice – a word game that I play with my husband and family is the one to have.  And I never, ever, Words for Friends and drive.