Honoring Those Who Teach Us (Tara Taylor Quinn

One of the things I value most in the world is friendship.  The concept.  And the reality.  As I look back at my collective work of books, I see friendships playing key parts in so many of them.  There’s something so special about that bond between woman – a trust and nurturing that is present even when friends don’t see each other.  It’s sacred.  And in some ways unsurpassable.

Today, I’m realizing why I hold this magnificent gift in such high esteem.  From before I was ever even more than a possible dream in my mother’s mind about her someday future, I had an example of true friendship.  Mom and her best friend Jac.  It’s a friendship that started their freshman year of high school.  Bonded them through some of life’s most tragic possibilities.  The death of a child.  Of a spouse.  Whether they lived across the country from each other, or only a few hours away, they were together.  For sixty-three years this friendship remained the same.  Solid.  Sure.  Nurturing.  Strengthening.

Today I honor that friendship.  I honor the two women who taught me the most important things I’ll ever need to know.  Loyalty is real.  And love lasts forever.

Mom & Jac 1955 2Mom & Jac again Mom & Jac Mom & Jackie

The Friendship Video (Tara Taylor Quinn)

I value Friendship more than just about anything.  Friendship with family members.  With those who’ve walked paths with me at various times in my life.  Even friendships with those I’ve never met personally, but have come to know as ‘pen pals.’  Because to me, life isn’t about what we gain in monetary wealth, it’s about the love we’ve shared.  It’s about hearts connecting.  About helping souls along their way.  For me, there’s no other reason to be here.

Not long ago I started an open board on Pinterest simply called friendship.  I go to this board first thing every morning now.  To see the posts that have appeared from around the world during the night.  We are a growing group of strangers from all over the world who lift each other up with our personal expressions and pictures of what friendship is and does.  What it means to us.

We’d love to have you join us.  It’s free.  No strings attached.  Just go the ttq Friendship board on Pinterest and follow it.  With a follow, you’ll receive an invite to join the board and start leaving your own pins there.  If nothing else, check us out.  Your only risk is that you’ll be uplifted!

In the meantime, my honey put together a video that includes some of the pins posted by Friendship pinners.    Enjoy!

70 Books (Tara Taylor Quinn)

That’s it.  That’s me.  70 Books.  As of today, July 1, 2015, with the release of:

OnceUponAFriendshipIt’s a second milestone as well.  Once Upon a Friendship is my first novel with the Harlequin Heartwarming program.  This series is like Superromance without graphic sex and language.  Or, as I think of it, don’t over do the swearing or body parts.  The stories are as deep, as complex, the people are like the rest of our friends.  I’m incredibly happy with Once Upon a Friendship.  It’s the story of three college friends, two girls and a guy, who’ve become like family.  They buy a historic apartment building in downtown Denver, to save the homes of elderly residents who’d been given their moving orders.  One of the friends owns the popular coffee shop on the first floor.  And ttq style, things get all mucked up.  There’s a crime, a bodyguard, a family no one knew existed…and a friendship that is being challenged at its very core.

To celebrate #70 I thought I’d give you a peek back:

My very first published book: YesterdaysSecretsNumber 10 click for eBook:

HeartofChristmas Number 20 was listed on the Amazon top selling Superromances this month.  Click for eBook:


Number 30 is a Kindle deal right now!  Just 1.99:


Number 40 is based on my parent’s true life love story Click for eBook:


Number 50 Click for eBook:

ADaughter'sTrust Number 60 was also on the Amazon Superromance Bestseller List this month!  Click for eBook:


You can see there are a lot of different kinds of stories in the ttq library!  But they all have the signature in depth, psychological look at life.  Every step of the journey.  Every beat of the heart!

If you’d like to Spend the Summer with ttq, play games, attend a party, chances to free books, VISA gift cards, t-shirts and other goodies, click here:

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Get thee to the mountains

You’ve heard the expression “filling the well,” right?

That was my excuse/rationalization for abandoning my revisions to spend the day hiking in Yosemite National Park with my daughter, my four granddaughters–yes, the baby, too–and a friend and her granddaughter. For my friend, Nancy, this was a first–and a goal she wasn’t certain she could make. (knee surgery, back surgery)

We set a “modest” goal of a 1.5 mile hike to the top of Vernal Fall. sign #Keyword: top.

A mile and a half…how hard can it be…she said… Distance can be deceiving in the mountains because it doesn’t take into account the climb…the very steep climb, complete with rock steps. how many steps I’ll spare you the details because the beauty, the power, the awesomeness of the waterfall was totally worth the effort. falls beauty And there’s something very empowering about accomplishing one single task that is often lost in our overly demanding multi-tasking days. We made it to the top. We took turns standing at the helm of the ship in triumph. You did it, Nancy!!! 1467282_10205184669151039_6136073758182459335_n   Then, we made the return trip, which was equally challenging because, by then, there were hoards of people on the trail coming up. But we stopped often to enjoy the view because everywhere you look in Yosemite, you see beauty. beautiful Yosemite   And beauty, a child’s laugh, making memories together, a good friend’s tremendous sense of accomplishment…these are things that fill the well. 10436247_10205184667751004_6188577599416063634_n Now, back to my revisions.


Unlimited Free Reading for Thirty Days (Tara Taylor Quinn)

So my big news this week…

Number One New York Times Bestselling Author, Debbie Macomber, endorsed tnTheFriendshipPactThe Friendship Pact! Here is what she had to say:

“Tara Taylor Quinn tackles the subject of friendship—especially friendship between women—with the emotional investment she brings to all her books. Her writing is dramatic, her characters realistic, her stories involving.”

Debbie is a woman I’ve admired for many many years.  She’s a woman who has faced adversities many of us face, and some that many of us will never face.  From worrying about where her next meal was going to come from and spending her last ten dollars, the family grocery money, on postage to mail in a manuscript, to the death of her son, she has faced adversity.  Real tragedy.  And she remains a generous, giving woman who seems to always have a smile for anyone and everyone she faces.

She is gracious.  Human.  And never forgets where she came from or how it feels to fight to get ahead.  She has enough success now to buy a desert island and retire to paradise.  Instead, she’s writing non-fiction, to try to help others.  A children’s story.  And knitting patterns.  She’s still writing the women’s fiction novels that bring so many of us comfort and joy as we escape into world’s we want to inhabit.  And she’s still making time to have play days with her grandchildren.

Let’s have a Debbie Friendship day here.  For your ‘today’ entry into the Kindle Fire contest tell us what Debbie Macomber book you like most.  Or, if you haven’t read her, you can tell us that too.  But if you haven’t read her, you’ll probably want to.  And I have a way you can do it for free.  Simply go to tn_WhereTheRoadEnds_jpg (click on the book cover!) and start a completely free 30 day trial at Scrib’d.  You can read as many books as you’d like during your trial period.  Many of Debbie’s books are there.  And there are 44 ttq titles there as well.  If you like what you see, you can subscribe after your thirty days are up.  It’s $8.99 a month with no limit to how many books you can read.  It’s like Netflix for books.  Keep in mind, though, for now, these are all backlist titles.  You can find current releases on the site, but you have to buy them, so beware!  One last tip – this site is the only site where you’ll find Harlequin titles in this kind of program.  Harlequin granted Scrib’d an exclusive.

Happy Reading everyone!

Offers (Tara Taylor Quinn)

ttq land is swamped.  I’ve been at this business a long time and I work hard.  Pretty much all the time.  I’m blessed and incredibly grateful to be able to do what I love.  Blessed to have been given an ability to write stories that people read.  I still have to stop and pinch myself sometimes when I look at the books I’ve written, the reviews from complete strangers, and realize that I really am a professional writer.  That I actually touch women’s lives in a positive way.

And the shadow side to this is that I have a lot of books that need their fair share of the limelight.  Coming to you in September:

Four Times The Trouble Hardcover EditionHusband By Choice  Four Times The Trouble is the Hardcover edition.  Husband By Choice is the third book in the Where Secrets Are Safe series, following Wife By Design (2/14) and Once A Family (6/14).  What I have to say about Husband By Choice is this:  When I contracted the book my editor told me that an in house conversation went something like this – ‘if anyone can do it, Tara can’.  When I turned in the book, the in house conversation was ‘she did.’  The cover makes this book look like a nice sweet family story.  It’s not.  It’s psychological suspense.

The offers:  I’m told I need more reviTheFriendshipPactwebews of The Friendship Pact on Amazon.  I’ve been authorized to give away #free a limited number of copies of this book in exchange for honest reviews.  For the next week, in celebration of the release of Husband By Choice, we’ll also be giving away ebook copies of Wife By Design and Once a Family to anyone who posts a review of The Friendship Pact on Amazon!  That’s three free books!  All current and recent releases!  Email staff@tarataylorquinn.com for offer.

And…here on Storybroads…we are giving away a brand new Kindle Fire completely free, with Storybroad books pre-loaded on it!  To enter, comment on a Storybroad blog post!  You can earn one entry per blog post from now until October 31st!

More news on the ttq front – we have titles!  In December, Child by Chance will be out.  And in March, 2015, watch for Mother by Fate!

Or, if you just want to have some camaraderie, join the open Friendship board on Pinterest.  We’re just getting started, but we already have international participation!  We’re just pinning pictures and quotes of us and our friends, or of friendships that inspire us!  We’re just shining a light on friendship.  Spreading friendship energy.  Focusing on one thing that is a huge source of strength for all of us.  Hope to see you!