Get Out on Top (Tara Taylor Quinn)

Summer with TTQ Banner smallerI’ve been thinking a lot about right and wrong.  What’s right for one might not be right for another.  We have tough choices to make sometimes.  Choices that are right in one perspective and wrong in another.  Choices where someone is going to get hurt no matter what we do.  These kinds of challenges can be road blocks beyond which we never get past.  We become frozen, unable to move for fear of going the wrong way.  And sometimes not moving is the worst choice of all.  Because then everyone gets hurt.

I believe we have all been given a tool, an internal GPS, to guide us around the road blocks.  To help us choose the road that is the one we are meant to travel.  Or a road that will allow us to fulfill our purpose.  Or a purpose.  It’s not the mind, at this point, that can help us.  The mind is the thing stopping us.  At this critical point, it is only our hearts that can guide us.  Not to be confused with emotions.  Our emotions, depending on which one is reigning supreme, create many of life’s greatest troubles.  But our hearts, that sense of internal peace, is the ultimate guide.  Get to a place where you can quiet your mind.  Where no one’s voice is influencing you.  Including your own internal critic.  Just find a peaceful moment.  And in that peace, ask your question.  You will get a sense of knowing.

Every time in my life, when I’ve acted on that peaceful sense of knowing, I have been able to live with myself in the consequences.  When I act on emotion, or thinking, alone, I almost always have regrets.

The knowing isn’t always there.  It doesn’t always answer when I want it to.  Sometimes I have to sit for weeks, or longer, revisiting the peaceful place, until I ‘know’.  Sometimes we are meant to wait.

I have always told my daughter, from the time she was very young, to listen to her heart.  That is my prayer for everyone.  It is the only answer.

And for those of you who aren’t at a road block and just want to enjoy the day…Here’s a little fun chance to win a VISA gift card, a t-shirt and free books:

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Grand Finale First Leg of Summer Tour (Tara Taylor Quinn)

On Tour with Prism Book Tours.

We’re blitzing the Grand Finale for
Suspicious & The Sheriff of Shelter Valley
By Heather Graham & Tara Taylor Quinn

This Harlequin Bestseller Author Collection is the re-release of Suspicious by Heather Graham and The Sheriff of Shelter Valley by Tara Taylor Quinn, two best-selling romantic suspense books.

Here are some snippets from each stop. . .

Beck Valley Books - The Sheriff of Shelter Valley

Several years ago my editor suggested that I might want to write a series of books set in the same town. I could pick any town, big or small, real or fictional. I pondered for a day or two. Took the question with me as I went about my life. And the one thing that kept coming back to me, not from a sales standpoint, or even a larger than life one, was that I had to set my town in Arizona. Because if this series was a success, I was going to be spending a lot of mental and emotional time in this town. I was going to have to want to be there. I was going to have to love it. So that my readers would want to be there – and love it – too.

Diana’s Book Reviews - Audiobook of Suspicious

Hot off the press from Harlequin Books: Toronto, New York (May 21, 2015)—Harlequin and HarperCollins Publishers today announced the launch of Harlequin Audio, a new imprint that will produce audio versions of Harlequin titles. The imprint will release its first titles on June 30, 2015. . .

In its first year, Harlequin Audio plans to release 200 titles. . . . All titles will be available in the retail and library space.

AND…ttq is among them!!! SOOOO excited! Along with Heather Graham’s Suspicious, The Sheriff of Shelter Valley, read by the great Cris Dukehart, is out July 7th!!!!! Yep, right up there in the first wave of releases!! Whew, there, I finally got to spill my beans. I’ve been sitting on this news for over a month!

Brooke Blogs - Suspicious

I’m delighted that Suspicious, a popular early (or earlier!) book of mine is being reissued, together with Tara’s The Sheriff of Shelter Valley. Written ten years ago, Suspicious is set in South Florida. . .

In Suspicious, we’re looking mostly at a tract of land that stretches across the lower end of the state. There are really two roads that cross it–Alligator Alley, recently incorporated into I-75. You can pop out of the Weston area of Broward County and visit Big Cypress and a wonderful Seminole museum.

Or you can take the Tamiami Trail.

Go back and read the rest. . .

Suspicious & The Sheriff of Shelter Valley
(Bestselling Author Collection)
Adult Romantic Suspense
Paperback, ebook, & audiobook 544 pages
May 26th 2015 by Harlequin

by Heather Graham

Cold-blooded predators lurk in the Everglades—and not all of them are gators

When Jesse Crane returned to his roots to serve on the Miccosukee police force, he’d hoped to leave behind the violence of the city and the memories of his murdered wife. But bodies start to pile up in Jesse’s corner of the sultry Florida swampland…

As he probes these crimes, Jesse is drawn to the beautiful Lorena Fortier, a new hire at the local gator farm and research facility. Lorena is a little too interested in Jesse’s investigation, but before he can uncover her true motives, they’re both pulled into a dangerous web of greed, ambition and animal cunning. To survive, they’ll have to decide whether they can trust each other…before the hunters become the hunted.

The Sheriff of Shelter Valley
by Tara Taylor Quinn

Six months ago, Beth woke up with no memory of her past, a bruised face and a little boy who called her “Mama.” Until her memory returns, the most dangerous thing she can do is to fall for the sheriff—the one man who can uncover the truth and destroy the person she’s become.

Heather GrahamHeather Graham

New York Times and USA Today best selling author, Heather Graham, majored in theater arts at the University of South Florida. After a stint of several years in dinner theater, back-up vocals, and bartending, she stayed home after the birth of her third child and began to write. Her first book was with Dell, and since then, she has written over two hundred novels and novellas including category, suspense, historical romance, vampire fiction, time travel, occult and Christmas family fare.

She is pleased to have been published in approximately twenty-five languages. She has written over 200 novels and has 60 million books in print. She has been honored with awards from booksellers and writers’ organizations for excellence in her work, and she is also proud to be a recipient of the Silver Bullet from Thriller Writers. (And award for charitable endeavors.) Heather has had books selected for the Doubleday Book Club and the Literary Guild, and has been quoted, interviewed, or featured in such publications as The Nation, Redbook, Mystery Book Club, People and USA Today and appeared on many newscasts including Today, Entertainment Tonight and local television.

Heather loves travel and anything that has to do with the water, and is a certified scuba diver. She also loves ballroom dancing. Each year she hosts the Vampire Ball and Dinner theater at the RT convention raising money for the Pediatric Aids Society and in 2006 she hosted the first Writers for New Orleans Workshop to benefit the stricken Gulf Region. She is also the founder of “The Slush Pile Players,” presenting something that’s “almost like entertainment” for various conferences and benefits. Married since high school graduation and the mother of five, her greatest love in life remains her family, but she also believes her career has been an incredible gift, and she is grateful every day to be doing something that she loves so very much for a living.

Tara Taylor Quinn

The author of more than 70 original novels, in twenty languages, Tara Taylor Quinn is a USA Today bestseller with over six million copies sold. She is known for delivering deeply emotional and psychologically astute novels of suspense and romance. Tara is a recipient of the Reader’s Choice Award, a five time finalist for the RWA Rita Award, the Reviewer’s Choice Award, the Bookseller’s Best Award and appears frequently on bestseller lists, including #1 placement on Amazon lists. Tara is the past-president of Romance Writers of America and served eight years on that board of directors. She has appeared on national and local TV across the country, including CBS Sunday Morning and is a frequent guest speaker. In her spare time Tara likes to travel, climb Arizona mountains, and inline skate.

Tara is a supporter of the National Domestic Violence Hotline. If you or someone you know might be a victim of domestic violence in the United States, please contact 1-800-799-7233.

Click on the banner to take you to Tara’s landing page for all her tour events.

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$10 VISA Gift Card (INT)
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Spend the Summer with TTQ T-shirt (US only)
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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Someone Has Your Back (Tara Taylor Quinn)

Paperbacks Plus Bookstore in Minnesota.  Click on the picture to visit!

Paperbacks Plus Bookstore in Minnesota. Click on the picture to visit!

Yesterday was not an easy day.  I’m on day nine of no less than eight hours a day and mostly no less than twelve hours a day of sitting at my computer, typing as fast as my fingers will fly.  It’s become almost comical (to me, I’m the only one here) and I laughed out loud once.  Taylor looked up at me.  For a while.  And then went back to sleep.  I love my chair, but…

You know how a person can lay in the bed for too long and get bed sores?  I’ve never personally been exposed to the occurrence, but I’ve heard of it.  Well, I think I have chair sores.  Not the open flesh kind.  A less obvious, less visible kind.  My shoulders were starting to hurt.  So this perfectly wonderful and quite expensive chair I own started to…get decorated.  First, a blanket on the back of it.  It’s Raggedy Ann and Andy.  My daughter bought it for me.  It says ‘Friends Forever’ on it with a big heart and the two books I’m working on this week are about three friends.  The blanket is kind of furry.  And kept the leather warm.

Next it was another part of me.  Including my hip.  I added a pillow to the bottom of the chair.  I was getting stiff with limited movement due to making sure Taylor didn’t fall out the open side arm of the chair.  I added a padded bath rug to the seat of the chair, tucking it in, and draped it over the arm of the chair.  Bonus added benefit to me, I now have a padded arm chair!  And she fits perfectly beside me with no harm of falling.

Then my shoulder and neck stiffened up to the point of not being able to turn my head.  So I added another pillow.  Two of them actually.  One behind my shoulders, and one beneath the shoulder one, to hold it up.  Another bonus benefit: my lower back is now supported!

My right forearm, my mouse arm, has been on the fritz for a while now.  It doesn’t hurt when I type.  At all.  But anytime I reach for something it argues with me.  Not kindly.  So I now have a heating pad in my lap, where I can rest my arm, and when my legs get too hot, I drape it across my arm as I type.  Only problem there is, it bonks Taylor in the head and she gives me dirty looks.

I can’t take a day off.  I turned in a book yesterday.  Have revisions due Friday on another book.  Chapters due for a third book on Monday.  And I can’t stop writing even if there were no due dates.  Writing is what I do.  In some facet, it’s what I am. But yesterday, in the midst of all this hard work, my Amazon sales ranking was down.  And that was my real problem.

I was a little less eager to take my aching arm to the computer this morning.  But I got up.  Took a breath.  Took Mom to work.  And presented myself at the computer.  I went to Facebook first as I do every morning.  Just to check in.  And the picture you see up there was waiting for me.  Out of the blue.  A woman whose store has been in business since 1988, had just connected with me on Facebook and posted the above picture to her wall.  Please click on the photo above and visit her.  Or like her on Facebook.  Not just because she supports me, but because she’s listening to the universe and her actions made a difference.  Yesterday was probably just another work day to her.  And her work day was a huge gift to me.  When I look at the big picture, it’s a great one!

Now a chance for a great gift for you.  The Heartwarming authors are giving away a huge Valentine gift.  My first Heartwarming book is one of the three mentioned above and not out until July, so I can’t offer you one, but there are a ton of great books in the giveaway.  To enter, just click on the book cover.  It’s part of the prize!A Child's Christmas



How old were you? (freebie)

Last weekend I was invited to do a book signing at Epic Alpacas’ Open House. It was a blast! The most fun I’ve ever had at a book signing. Here’s one reason why: her name is Paige. (That’s her mommy, Paris, giving me the evil eye.)

Deb and alpaca baby

The other reason is because I met some new/young readers who got me thinking about my reading history. These three girls–ranging in age from 12-14–hung out with me for the longest time talking about books and reading. All three were avid readers–true Book Girls. And they really, really wanted to buy my book, Cowgirl Come Home.

I told them they weren’t my target demographic. Which, given my ire about the canceling of Longmire, a TV show I happen to like, which was canceled because its primary audience was too old, seemed the definition of irony.

Longmire poster

But seriously, Cowgirl Come Home has strong language, frank sexuality and adult themes. The girls insisted they’d seen worse on TV or in movies, but, still…. I cajoled them by telling them they could spend their money on my book if they had their parent’s permission.

OMG! They brought their mothers. I told these lovely women the same thing. Language, sex, adult situations, plus: forgiveness, love, romance, hope and a happy ending. All three bought the book and said they’d read it first, and if–when–they felt it was appropriate they’d let their daughters read it.

Wow. Win-win. Happy signing!

Deb Epic book signing

But all this got me thinking. How old was I when I read my first romance?

Young. Really young. I remember finding my babysitter’s True Romance magazines. And I devoured The Hardy Boys books, always secretly hoping somehow they’d meet Nancy Drew and one of them would fall for her. I fell in love with Mary Stewart’s Moonspinners and went on to read all of her books. But I think my first novel with on-page sex scenes was Sweet, Savage Love when I was 19. I wonder if we could call it the 50 Shades of Gray of my day? Who knew love was a gateway drug to romance?

So, tell me…how old were you when you read your first romance? I’ll pick one winner from your responses to receive a FREE digital copy of Judy Uncensored, my over-the-hill-but-not-under-it romance. (Think Ethel Mertz meets 50 Shades.)





Offers (Tara Taylor Quinn)

ttq land is swamped.  I’ve been at this business a long time and I work hard.  Pretty much all the time.  I’m blessed and incredibly grateful to be able to do what I love.  Blessed to have been given an ability to write stories that people read.  I still have to stop and pinch myself sometimes when I look at the books I’ve written, the reviews from complete strangers, and realize that I really am a professional writer.  That I actually touch women’s lives in a positive way.

And the shadow side to this is that I have a lot of books that need their fair share of the limelight.  Coming to you in September:

Four Times The Trouble Hardcover EditionHusband By Choice  Four Times The Trouble is the Hardcover edition.  Husband By Choice is the third book in the Where Secrets Are Safe series, following Wife By Design (2/14) and Once A Family (6/14).  What I have to say about Husband By Choice is this:  When I contracted the book my editor told me that an in house conversation went something like this – ‘if anyone can do it, Tara can’.  When I turned in the book, the in house conversation was ‘she did.’  The cover makes this book look like a nice sweet family story.  It’s not.  It’s psychological suspense.

The offers:  I’m told I need more reviTheFriendshipPactwebews of The Friendship Pact on Amazon.  I’ve been authorized to give away #free a limited number of copies of this book in exchange for honest reviews.  For the next week, in celebration of the release of Husband By Choice, we’ll also be giving away ebook copies of Wife By Design and Once a Family to anyone who posts a review of The Friendship Pact on Amazon!  That’s three free books!  All current and recent releases!  Email for offer.

And…here on Storybroads…we are giving away a brand new Kindle Fire completely free, with Storybroad books pre-loaded on it!  To enter, comment on a Storybroad blog post!  You can earn one entry per blog post from now until October 31st!

More news on the ttq front – we have titles!  In December, Child by Chance will be out.  And in March, 2015, watch for Mother by Fate!

Or, if you just want to have some camaraderie, join the open Friendship board on Pinterest.  We’re just getting started, but we already have international participation!  We’re just pinning pictures and quotes of us and our friends, or of friendships that inspire us!  We’re just shining a light on friendship.  Spreading friendship energy.  Focusing on one thing that is a huge source of strength for all of us.  Hope to see you!