Happy Friday the 13th and #whatchareadingthisweekend?

Are you a bit Friday the 13th phobic?

Not me. Half the time I don’t know what day of the week it is until I’m forced to look at my weekly planner.

Last year, I decided to make this day a promotion angle. I can’t remember if it worked. LOL. But why let a good meme go to waste? Grab it here: BABY.

Friday 13th FREE

 I hate to be bearer of bad news, but I live in California and the sad fact is our sky is a gray haze of smoke because there’s a disaster going on a hundred or so miles to the north. Everyone I know has some connection to this area—my FedEx driver this morning told me his uncle was awoken at 4 AM by a sheriff’s deputy pounding on the door. He was told to evacuate right that moment. By the time the husband and wife got into the car with just the clothes on their back, the fire had hopped the back fence and was racing toward their home. The house was destroyed. Luckily, the man had the foresight to store all of his important papers at the bank, so only the copies were lost…along with all of their possessions. I guess that’s the bright side, but still…the loss is almost unfathomable, even after witnessing such devastation first hand.

I know there are many reputable charities and GoFundMe pages available if you’re looking for a way to help those impacted by the NorCal fires. I donated to this woman because her story broke my heart and actually made me sob.

Patti lost it all

Here’s the article: http://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/12-Bernese-mountain-dogs-two-dachshunds-lost-in-12274310.php#photo-14338385. This poor woman was awakened by a sheriff and forced to leave her home, even as she cried, “My dogs! My dogs are inside.” By the time the deputy returned, the house was engulfed and her eight Bernese Mountain dogs, four Bernese puppies and two dachshunds were dead.

 I researched the Bernese breed when I wrote BLACK HILLS BILLIONAIRE and fell in love with these gentle giants. If you’re a dog lover, you can probably relate to Patti’s anguish. Donate to Patti here: Patti lost it all

 So…I don’t know about you, but I need a little escape. I just bought the 2nd book in Patricia McLinn’s Caught Dead in Wyoming series. I loved the first one—smart, intriguing, a fish-out-water story with a lot of twists—and can’t wait to dive into this one. Click on the cover to learn more and buy from your favorite retailer. Left-Hanging-screen

Have a great weekend.



#fridayfreebie on Friday the 13th

Really? The year barely gets started and already we have a Friday the 13th?

The only safe course is to hunker down with a cowboy, right?

Why, yes, I do have one in mind. He’s free at the moment, too.

Debra COWBOY free2017

KINDLE: http://littl.ink/MTCOWBOYAZ 
IBOOKS: http://littl.ink/MTCOWBOYIB
GOOGLE: http://littl.ink/MTCOWBOYGP 
KOBO: http://littl.ink/MTCOWBOYKobo
BN: http://littl.ink/MTCOWBOYBN

But, seriously, folks, if you’re interested, here’s a site with all you ever wanted to know about PARASKEVIDEKATRIPHOBIA, which is fear of Friday the 13th (the day, not the movie).


Be safe out there! And happy reading!


#FREE One Day Only (Tara Taylor Quinn)

MotherByFateSometimes things come out in my books that I don’t plan or expect.  Okay, most times.  Writing, for me, is a combination of accessing the unconscious mind, imagination, and telepathy.  My part, my responsibility, is to present myself to the page and then surrender. You’d think, after 70 books, I’d be good at it.  But I still struggle.  Letting go of self is hard.  Most particularly when life is requiring things of me and I need me to handle them.

Still, my books do not get written until I give in and let go.  I am no longer in control at that point.  Things happen.  In Mother By Fate, alot of things happened!  One in particular that took me by surprise.  I was typing along, listening to the dictation in my head, and someone appeared from the past - someone I knew – and feared.  He was the villain in three books – a suspense trilogy I wrote for MIRA books.

Today only, ANYONE who can guess who he is, or name the titles of any of the three books will receive the entire trilogy in eBook form.  ClickHere to enter. For those of you who read it the first time – you won’t have it in eBook form unless you went back and purchased it. It’s initial release was in print form only. There is no limit to how many people can win – today only.

Good Luck, Everyone! I’m going back down under…

Happy Labor/Release Day

Today is the start of Labor Day weekend.

When I was a kid, this meant: the end of summer, the beginning of school, and a new season of TV shows.

My, how things have changed!

For one, I live in California, now, and it’s supposed to be hot all week.

weather CV

Second, about half the kids I know started school three weeks ago. My granddaughters start next Wednesday.

As as for network programming, the new shows, like Viola Davis’s new series, which I can’t wait to try, are still 3-4 weeks away.


Luckily, I have something to keep me busy until then. ;-)

For me, today is a different kind of Labor Day. Today marks the release of Nobody’s Cowboy, my second book for Tule Publishing, and the first book in my Big Sky Mavericks trilogy.


As every author knows, releasing a book is a little like giving birth. You’ve labored for weeks/months. You ate right, took your vitamins, did the research, picked a name and crossed for your fingers that the fruit of your labor would be well-received by the world at large.

The thing about Nobody’s Cowboy that has me worried is my hero. Austin Zabrinski was introduced in Cowgirl Come Home. He’s that book’s hero’s older brother. He has older brother syndrome. He may have felt he was only trying to take care of his younger brother but in doing so he may have come off a bit…umm…abrasive. Or, as several readers commented, “Austen is a pain in the arse.” (So to speak.)

Luckily, so far, the early reviews have all been positive.

From Shari: “Reading Nobody’s Cowboy, my family was wondering why I was laughing so hard. Communal toilet…Austen is redeeming himself already.”

From Christina: You have no idea how awesome it was to read “Northern California” and not find out she was from the Bay Area! And the mention of Jefferson was awesome, too! Loved it all!!!”

Like any mama, I’m nervous about sending my baby off into the big, chaotic world, but I’m excited, too. Here’s a buy link, in case you want to take advantage of the release day price of 99¢. BUY

So, what’s on your Labor Day agenda? I will be R&Ring with friends on the West Coast of California–and watching the Amazon stats for Nobody’s Cowboy, like the hovermother I am. ;-)


Have a great 3-day weekend, everyone!


PS: For those of you who love to hold a “real” book in your hot, little hands, Cowgirl Come Home is finally available from CreateSpace. http://bit.ly/CCHprint AND, the ebook version will be FREE at Amazon, Sept. 1-4, if you want a copy on your ereader, too. BUY

Offers (Tara Taylor Quinn)

ttq land is swamped.  I’ve been at this business a long time and I work hard.  Pretty much all the time.  I’m blessed and incredibly grateful to be able to do what I love.  Blessed to have been given an ability to write stories that people read.  I still have to stop and pinch myself sometimes when I look at the books I’ve written, the reviews from complete strangers, and realize that I really am a professional writer.  That I actually touch women’s lives in a positive way.

And the shadow side to this is that I have a lot of books that need their fair share of the limelight.  Coming to you in September:

Four Times The Trouble Hardcover EditionHusband By Choice  Four Times The Trouble is the Hardcover edition.  Husband By Choice is the third book in the Where Secrets Are Safe series, following Wife By Design (2/14) and Once A Family (6/14).  What I have to say about Husband By Choice is this:  When I contracted the book my editor told me that an in house conversation went something like this – ‘if anyone can do it, Tara can’.  When I turned in the book, the in house conversation was ‘she did.’  The cover makes this book look like a nice sweet family story.  It’s not.  It’s psychological suspense.

The offers:  I’m told I need more reviTheFriendshipPactwebews of The Friendship Pact on Amazon.  I’ve been authorized to give away #free a limited number of copies of this book in exchange for honest reviews.  For the next week, in celebration of the release of Husband By Choice, we’ll also be giving away ebook copies of Wife By Design and Once a Family to anyone who posts a review of The Friendship Pact on Amazon!  That’s three free books!  All current and recent releases!  Email staff@tarataylorquinn.com for offer.

And…here on Storybroads…we are giving away a brand new Kindle Fire completely free, with Storybroad books pre-loaded on it!  To enter, comment on a Storybroad blog post!  You can earn one entry per blog post from now until October 31st!

More news on the ttq front – we have titles!  In December, Child by Chance will be out.  And in March, 2015, watch for Mother by Fate!

Or, if you just want to have some camaraderie, join the open Friendship board on Pinterest.  We’re just getting started, but we already have international participation!  We’re just pinning pictures and quotes of us and our friends, or of friendships that inspire us!  We’re just shining a light on friendship.  Spreading friendship energy.  Focusing on one thing that is a huge source of strength for all of us.  Hope to see you!

It’s Done! (Anne Stuart)

The book is done, and I worked a massive amount, writing over 32,000 words in 5 days. Alas, only three people guessed, and the winner is Robyn in Iowa, who was only 764 words off. Over on Facebook I had someone who was only 2 words off, which is pretty amazing. I did 4546 words on Monday, finished the draft on Thursday, did some revisions on Friday and then had a complete meltdown. My darling husband plied me with treats and love and affection and by Sunday I was able to jump back into the fray and whip that puppy into shape.
And it’s going the be fabulous! The ARC is for the first book in the series, NEVER KISS A RAKE, and the one I finished is NEVER TRUST A PIRATE. On top of being a former pirate, he’s half gypsy too. Yum! Plus I borrowed a bit from the Pirate Captain in Pirates! Band of Misfits which has to be the best pirate movie after The Crimson Pirate. (I have a thing for Burt Lancaster).
So Robyn, send your snail mail to krissieo@gmail.com and I’ll send you out your very own ARC!


Marathon Time (Anne Stuart)

It’s time. I’ve got to finish this book or explode trying. (This book being book number two in the House of Russell series, NEVER TRUST A PIRATE). Now when it comes down to the end I’m very fast. I wrote around 2,500 words on Saturday with a four hour drive in between for daydreaming. Yesterday I did 7,010 words. Your task: guess how many words I write today. Whoever comes closest, here and on Facebook:
https://www.facebook.com/author.annestuart will win an ARC of the first book in the series, NEVER KISS A RAKE, which is coming out in August. Take into account I’ve got to deal with the IRS via phone today, so that’ll eat up some time, and I didn’t sleep well, so I expect a nap is in the future, though I did nap at least two hours yesterday and still did over seven thousand words.
On your mark, get set, go!

Redux (Tara Taylor Quinn)

Please enjoy a completely free e-copy of The First Wife – an introduction to my work if you’ve never read me. An extra copy if you have! Follow the link at the bottom of this post, or over in the Breaking News Sidebar to get your free copy!

In celebration of my new series, What Happened In Comfort Cove, Harlequin is giving away free copies of this 2010 Bestseller. Due to response, they have extended the download deadline!!

Some instructions:

A message from Harlequin Books – If you do not have ePub software on your Computer, tablet or phone, you will have to download it to view this free copy of The First Wife. (Software Links also accessible directly from Harlequin Book’s Website)

For your Computer:
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Follow the prompt for the correct installation of your software.

Software and Book are completely Free.

NOW…To Get Your Free Book:

Just click on the book below
LOGIN or Complete guest registration,
ENTER Coupon Code: 1FREE1STWIFE0812
Download to your device!

Please feel free to pass this link on to all of your family and friends. The giveaway is completely free to everyone!


Sustenance (Tara Taylor Quinn)

Tim and I are on the go with Mom, celebrating yet another birthday, busier than ever before, and thankful, too.  We’re facing some questions with Mom, but got the best of all answers this week as well and gearing up for the next challenge.  And through it all there is always the bottom line for me – the place that holds me securely, steadily, and helps me get up every morning, bright and early, to take on the day.

It’s that place deep inside of all of us.  Every single one of us have it.  Many never let themselves go down and find it.  Or access it a second time if they’ve ever found their way down to it.  For so many that deep recess is an uncomfortable place.  It requires utmost honesty from us.  It requires us to feel life at its most intense.  It is also the one place that has everything it takes to sustain us through absolutely anything and everything that this life will ever hand out to us.  I was lucky to find this place at a very young age.  It’s home to me no matter where I am.  No matter what I’m facing.  No matter what I am handed, this place is ready for me, and for it.  It holds me while I process and instills in me the strength and wherewithal to march forward.  My father once said that he likes my walk because I walk with purpose.  I walk with purpose because I come from a place of purpose and move forward from my bottom line up.


For the rest of the week The First Wife is still available as a completely free download!

The necessary information is the Breaking News Box above!

And for anyone who’s willing to share, I’d love to hear the small things any of you do to get through a tough day.

Cats Bearing Gifts (Lymond de Sevigny

Keeping myself out of reach.

The Can-Opener continues to wrestle with Microsoft and Windows7 problems. She should have taken my advice and bought an Apple Computer. Now she is angry and frustrated, so it must be time to do something nice. Not for her, though. We’re doing it for You! Get out your calendar, because you’ll want to make a note of the dates.


...and there were others honors as well.

Before I was born, the C-O and her friend Alicia Rasley wrote this book. Like my own nine lives, it is a timeless story. Age shall not weary us, nor the years condemn. It is such a good book that it won the Romance Writers of America RITA Award.

Now the book is available in e-Book format and is selling for a mere $4.99. But next Wednesday (13June) and Saturday (16June), you can download it at Amazon for a measly 99 cents!

Hauntingly wonderful.

But Wait. There’s More! If you don’t want to plunk out 99cents, download Gwen’s Ghost on Thursday and Friday (June 14/15) and it’s FREE. What a deal. Give yourself  a treat. And tell your friends.

I don’t know how to create a live link, but this one is easy to cut and paste. It will take you right to the book. Gwen, Vayle (the ghost), Max, and Dori are waiting to meet you.