Get Out on Top (Tara Taylor Quinn)

Summer with TTQ Banner smallerI’ve been thinking a lot about right and wrong.  What’s right for one might not be right for another.  We have tough choices to make sometimes.  Choices that are right in one perspective and wrong in another.  Choices where someone is going to get hurt no matter what we do.  These kinds of challenges can be road blocks beyond which we never get past.  We become frozen, unable to move for fear of going the wrong way.  And sometimes not moving is the worst choice of all.  Because then everyone gets hurt.

I believe we have all been given a tool, an internal GPS, to guide us around the road blocks.  To help us choose the road that is the one we are meant to travel.  Or a road that will allow us to fulfill our purpose.  Or a purpose.  It’s not the mind, at this point, that can help us.  The mind is the thing stopping us.  At this critical point, it is only our hearts that can guide us.  Not to be confused with emotions.  Our emotions, depending on which one is reigning supreme, create many of life’s greatest troubles.  But our hearts, that sense of internal peace, is the ultimate guide.  Get to a place where you can quiet your mind.  Where no one’s voice is influencing you.  Including your own internal critic.  Just find a peaceful moment.  And in that peace, ask your question.  You will get a sense of knowing.

Every time in my life, when I’ve acted on that peaceful sense of knowing, I have been able to live with myself in the consequences.  When I act on emotion, or thinking, alone, I almost always have regrets.

The knowing isn’t always there.  It doesn’t always answer when I want it to.  Sometimes I have to sit for weeks, or longer, revisiting the peaceful place, until I ‘know’.  Sometimes we are meant to wait.

I have always told my daughter, from the time she was very young, to listen to her heart.  That is my prayer for everyone.  It is the only answer.

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What Will You Be When You Grow Up? (Maggie)

I’m often asked what I would be doing if I wasn’t a novelist, and it’s something I find fascinating to think about. I’m a big believer in reserving the right to entirely change my life at any time. And who knows, this writing thing might get old one day. So what would I do?

When I was a kid, I took one of those tests that are supposed to show what I’d be suited for. I remember scoring high in things like Clergy and Psychologist. Technically, I am clergy, so I guess the test was right. But there are lots of other things I love to do.
Photography would be one of my top choices. I love taking pictures, especially of animals and natural scenes. I take a lot of them, have a professional camera and numerous lenses, and it’s just something I think I have a natural talent for, but I’d love to take classes and learn all the things I don’t know.

I love singing, and I’m pretty good at it. I write a lot of songs, the lyrics mostly, though sometimes the music, too. And I’m not a bit shy. So I think I’d make a decent singer/songwriter.

Another thing I could be good at is Life Coach. I end up doing this anyway, on an informal basis for close friends, but I think I could make a career out of it without too much trouble.

Talk Show Host, on TV or Radio would also be on my list. I’ve been a favorite guest of at least one local show, and I loved being in front of the camera.

And I’d add interior decorator. I am complimented all the time on my taste in the way I redesigned my home, Serenity, after the fire. And I thoroughly enjoyed that job.

Woman Returns to Work After 30 Years Be sure to check out this very short video clip.  It’s hilarious, but only if you’re “of a certain age.”

So for me:
Lifestyle Coach
Talk Show Host
Or Interior Decorator

Now that’s an eclectic pile of choices!
What about you?