It’s a “twin” thing!

Question: do you know anyone who is a twin? Are you a twin?

I am fascinated by birth order in general and it often plays a factor in my characters’ personalities. My two current Black Hills Rendezvous releases, BLACK HILLS RANCHER and BLACK HILLS STRANGER, feature the Bouchard twins–Jessie and Remy.

TWiNS Friends for Life (1)

They are best friends, but as different as two people can be. I felt comfortable creating this dichotomy because my twin nieces, Leslie and Laura, are beautiful, accomplished young women who are best friends, but also very different. I love this about them and wanted to celebrate this uniqueness in my story.

First-born Jessie is an extreme athlete, a risk-taker, someone who meets every challenge head on–even when it comes to falling in love with someone who really needs a woman more like Remy in his life.

JESSIE’s favorite meme:

babe ruth quote

Sweet, kind, generous Remy would fix the world if she could. When her first love needs her help to find his missing daughter, she wants to say no, but how can she–helping others is what she does best?

Dreamer, worrier, caregiver REMY’s favorite meme:

sisters are connected


If you liked connected stories, you can’t get much more connected than twins.

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Autumn is here. What happened to summer?

First, let me apologize for being MIA for the past couple of Fridays. This is what happens when you overbook your life–with good things, don’t get me wrong. But when you’re go, go, going and you’re some place that doesn’t have wi-fi (yes, those spots exist, believe it or not), something has to give. For me that something was blogging.

Quick catch up. So this happened:

Annual High Country Creatives Retreat, which included my son and granddaughters this year since we had some cancellations. It was fabulous. We hiked, soaked in hot springs at the wonderful Muir Trail Ranch, swam in icy lakes at 10,000′ elevation (by swim, I mean I jumped in and survived the shock long enough to get out without dying), road horses and–best of all–my eldest granddaughter and I collaborated on a young adult novel. Discussing motivation, story arc and point of view made the trip worth every penny. And the views weren’t bad, either.




I went from 7,400′ to sea level…


San Simeon Revision Intensive - me, lap top, sand, waves and editor notes for my next Tule Publishing book: MONTANA SECRET SANTA. Good news: my editor loves the story. Extra good news: I love, love, love my new cover!


Available for pre-order on iBooks now, but it will available wide 12/6/16. PREORDER.


And there’s this: I got my rights back to the only Black Hills book my former publisher had retained. Smack-dab in the middle of my 9-title series. But, now, that book is officially mine again, and I couldn’t be happier. I worked with a freelance editor and my favorite cover designer to get this into production ASAP. It’s been a crazy few weeks, but I’m very proud of the end result and excited to add Black Hills Native Son to my Black Hills Rendezvous series.


Releasing wide on Tuesday, but available for pre-order on all platforms:



So, I’d like to tell you I’ve settled back into my comfortable routine and I’ll faithfully blog every Friday, but…I leave next week for a trip to South Dakota (more research for my next Black Hills book) and I have two self-pub books releasing in October (what was I thinking?!), so…all I can do is try. Thanks for your patience and your interest. And thanks to my fellow Storybroads for putting up with me.

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“Older” heroes and heroines? Y or N?


As I was putting together some PR material for my Big Sky Maverick book MONTANA MAVERICK, it struck me that I didn’t know whether or not to mention the age of my main protagonists: 39 and 48.

Their age is important to the story. They’ve both reached pivotal places in their individual journeys and any decision on whether or not to act on the attraction they’ve always felt for each other comes with significant gravity and the re-imagining of certain truths and dreams each holds dear.

Don’t you agree that the decisions you made at 21, 25…even 30…were handled differently than the thought process you brought to the table ten years later? Does the idea of an older–more experienced–hero and heroine put you off or would you welcome the chance to experience their second-chance-at-love a bit further down the road of life?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

If you’re a fan of older heroes and heroines, I think you’ll enjoy Meg and Hank’s book (and you can catch up with them later in MONTANA MIRACLE).

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Black Hills Rancer_3DeBook Blank

The last thing Cade Garrity expected when he went to Sentinel Pass to meet Jessie Bouchard—a prospective, short-term tenant willing to trade a little childcare in return for a discounted rent—was to save her life. But the video her twin sister, Remy, shot doesn’t lie. And the fact that the nutcase who booby-trapped Jessie’s stunt is still on the loose makes it impossible for Cade to turn his back on her. But Cade married a woman who put satisfying her need for excitement ahead of her family–ahead of him–and it killed her. He’s not going down that road again no matter how much he desires Jessie Bouchard.

Despite what people think, Jessie does not have a death wish. She learned at a young age the only way to handle pain and fear was to face it head on. That’s what she does. And she’s convinced herself that living for the moment is enough–until she meets Cade and his daughter, Shiloh. There may be more to life than that next death-defying stunt, but does she deserve the kind of life Cade has to offer? She isn’t sure, and unless she finds the person who is trying to kill her, she won’t get a chance to answer that question.


It’s available on most platforms:


In other good news, I’m excited to tell you I’ve gotten my rights back to “missing” story in this 9-book series. That book, newly titled BLACK HILLS NATIVE SON, will be coming in mid-September. If you’d like to be among the first to see the new cover, please sign up for my newsletter here:

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Last day of school…let the wild rumpus begin!

I was lucky enough to have to deliver kids to school this morning. Everyone wanted to go EARLY! And why not? Today is the last day of the school term. The first day of summer vacation. The beginning of something totally new for the eighth grade students who move on to junior high.

When we arrived, my son was setting up his PA system for the guest DJ (my eldest granddaughter) to play music for an all-school dance party. This song has been in my head ever since.  (No offense, Flo Rida, but the Golden State Warriors are front and center, right now, in California.)

I had tears in my eyes the whole way home.

I’ve been asking myself why and all I can figure out is milestones of every kind remind us of how fast life speeds by. These moments, which really are just small stepping stones when you’re a child, add up so quickly to the path in our distant past.

Since I grew up in a time when summer vacation was three, full months (June, July and August) and all my closest friends lived in my neighborhood, we hung out daily and played kick-the-can every evening–our bare arms and legs a feasting ground for mosquitos. Our long hot days revolved around swim lessons–if your mother remembered to sign you up–and afternoons at the town pool, which held the coldest water on the planet. (Truth. Ask anyone who grew up in Brookings, South Dakota.)

My friends and I safely slept in a pup tent in my back yard. We slept as late as we could once the sun penetrated the musty-smelling fabric that turned the opaque igloo into a sweatbox. Some afternoons, we’d go to the library to read in the air-conditioned cool to gather strength for our next full day of fun.

My granddaughters have lots of plans for the summer: hiking trips, visits to distant grandparents, swimming in my “big box of water,” and chilling. We called that: doing nothing. I’m pretty sure I complained to my mother about not having something to do. Oh, my, how delicious that sounds to me, now!!

But, my summer will be jam-packed with a deadline looming, a new release every month, a trip to San Diego for RWA, and our hiking retreat to the High Sierra in August. Summer just isn’t the same as when school let out…way back when.

So, how’s your summer shaping up? Travel plans? Will anyone be in San Diego, July 13th. I’ll be signing copies of BLACK HILLS BABY and MONTANA MIRACLE. I haven’t done a signing in a very long time, and I’m excited.

I’m also excited to tell you that BLACK HILLS WHITE KNIGHT, the 6th title in my Black Hills Rendezvous series, is now up for preorder, releasing wide on Tuesday. You can start reading HERE.

Let's jet!

This book really touched my heart. It tackles some serious topics, such as spousal abuse and end-of-life choices, but there’s kindness, forgiveness, and a great deal love to bring a smile, too. Here’s one of my favorite lines:

The best gift a mother can give her daughters is to love herself.

With love and happy wishes for a memorable summer,


(And tongue-in-cheek apologies to any Cavalier fans. I have such a fan-girl crush on Stephen Curry.)


Where will your summer reading take you?

I need a hammock.


By Pactola Lake in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota.

Pactola Lake

It’s on my bucket list, but, alas, I don’t see it happening this summer because my big excursion will be to San Diego for RWA. The conference will be exciting, interesting, and fun because I get to reconnect with a lot of friends, but business travel is much less relaxing than swinging in a hammock with my Kindle. Sigh.

Fall in love in the Black Hills

I was tickled today to discover that Amazon has all five of my Black Hills titles grouped together on one page. BHRENDEZVOUS  

On June 14, I’m releasing BLACK HILLS WHITE KNIGHT, Book 6 in my Black Hills Rendezvous series. Cover reveal coming soon on my newsletter. Are you signed up?

So, two questions: do you have a hammock? If so, describe the setting. I’m so jealous.

And second, what are you reading? I’m finishing up my book club read: The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt.


Lost in the mountains

I bet you think I was abducted by aliens?

Ran off with a sheik?

Holed up in the writer cave with bread and water?

Got lost–in thought–in the mountains?


For the past three weeks, I have been providing support for my contractor hubby as he worked on a remodeling job in the mountains about an hour and a half from our home. Too far to commute daily, so we rented a VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner) spot that was a few minutes away from the job site. Luckily, the place has a kitchenette and most of the comforts of home–just not very dependable wifi, which has made blogging impossible.

But now that I’m back for a couple of weeks, I’d like to share a few pics from our great adventure.

I call this my Hobbit House.

A neigborhood Hobbit House.


Some spring flowers in the area.

Some spring flowers in the area.

We're right outside of Yosemite National Park. Water! Snow! Waterfalls!

We’re right outside of Yosemite National Park. Water! Snow! Waterfalls!

And in case you're curious, here's a Before and After shot of the cabin my hubby is remodeling. Wow, right?

And in case you’re curious, here’s a Before and After shot of the cabin my hubby is remodeling. Wow, right?

I’ve also been super busy uploading titles in my BLACK HILLS RENDEZVOUS series. Book IV is releasing next week (click on the image to go to my website).



And I’m excited to tell you I’ve decided to make BLACK HILLS BABY, first in series, FREE! It’s already free at iTunes, but the other venues are a little slower to jump onboard. Also, I’m giving away a free short, sweet read to people who sign up for my newsletter.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Picture me doing laundry. LOL. Traveling is fun, but playing catch-up with life…not so much!



BOGOs, anyone?

I love a deal. Who doesn’t?

I’m not a fan of buy-one, get one-half price. That’s 25%, right? Big deal. 25 is NOT 50.

So, when I stumble across a real BuyOne, Get One free deal, I’m pretty happy. And, believe it or not, it JUST occurred to me that I have such a deal going this week. But it ends at midnight on Saturday, I’m told.

Baby Billionaire

If you like connected series, BLACK HILLS BABY, the FIRST book in my new Black Hills Rendezvous series is FREE at Smashwords as part of READ-AN-EBOOK-WEEK celebration. If you grab them both, you’re getting two for the price of one. Sweet!

2. ereader

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Happy reading, my friends!