Deadlines – Carolyn

I met my deadline! Hooray. The book went out to my editor on the 28th. I had until the first. Now, let’s hope she likes it. I expect to get my usual five page revision letter, but that’s par for the course. Now I have two weeks to deliver two short stories to Belle Books for the last of the Mossy Creek series. And I’ve finished editing the Malice in Memphis Elmwood series of short stories. So I am ginning. For those of you who are not southerners, ginning is what is happening when the cotton gins are running twenty-four hors a day, thereby making money and doing good work. So if you’re ginning, you are cranking out the work.

And I finally got the man to come over to bait my house to get rid of the mice. If they’d stay outside or in the barn, they could conduct their lives in peace. Last week, however, was the last straw. I was curled up in the recliner in my bedroom reading my Kindle—as I do much more frequently than I should—when Mr. Mouse took a stroll right down the center of the side table beside my chair. He didn’t run either. He ambled. I was sitting not more than a foot from him. He could not have cared less. Now, that is too cheeky even for my Janist tendencies. So, the stuff the exterminator used is supposed to draw them outside the house. I don’t want to think about what happens to them then.

And now we have bunnies. In the last couple of days I have walked up on two very big, very pretty brown rabbits in my carport. The moment they see me, they take off in hysterics—no ambling for them. I like them. I also like the quail, of which we used to have a bunch. Don’t see them very often recently with their funny top knots. So far I haven’t found any live armadillos. And I’ve only seen the dog fox once recently. He’s a beauty–gray with a bright red tail with a white knob on it. No raccoons of late, no possums, and (Thank God) no snakes. Usually where you have horses, you don’t see many snakes. Horses to not like them and tend to stomp then when they can. They aren’t bothered by the king snakes that live in the barn and keep other snakes away. The king snakes keep the mouse population in the barn at bay as well. My elderly Burnese cat presented me with a dead mouse two days ago. He’s too old and too frail to keep up with the population, however. Me too.

I like the critters with whom I share my life. There is something about having a cat asleep in your lap that removes a great deal of aggravation from life and gives me the energy to go back to ginning.



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