One hawk down: a lesson in survival

While waiting for my Sweet Summers Kiss copyedits, I thought it would be a good time to help my hubby build an extension on our deck. (The photo is Paul on the coast on Father’s Day, knowing we were going back to triple digits.)

Paul on Fathers Day

After a long and grueling day of deck building on what was possibly the hottest day in history, we were sitting on the new deck when our Queensland spotted something moving near our shop. Something large that didn’t belong. Binoculars confirmed it was a hawk—but hawks generally fly. They don’t walk.

I put my shoes back on and raced to the rescue—of my dog or the bird–I wasn’t sure which. Even injured, the hawk impressively puffed out its chest feathers, opened its very large wingspan and scared the heck out of my dog. I kept my distance, too.

Once I had Jessie on her leash, I could figure out why there was a redtail hawk standing on the ground. As soon as it started hopping away, I could see its right wing was not functioning. By now, night had fallen, so I followed the bird at a respectful distance until it managed to get to the top of a wooden fence post.

Smart bird. The day before I saw a very large coyote emerge from the creek bed not ten feet from where the bird had been standing.

I left him/her on the post and trudged home, anxious and concerned. Then, I consulted with the multitude on Facebook. I was hoping for a simple fix—you know, the name of a nearby raptor rescue group that would swoop in (pun intended) to take the bird and make it all better. Yeah…that didn’t happen.

At dawn, I spotted the bird still sitting on its post. Relief. Or so I thought. Five phone calls later, I realized NOBODY was going to come and rescue the bird. It was all on me—and my sweet hubby. Here’s the video. (Please cut us a little slack. We are rank amateurs, and apparently got “raptor” confused with “velociraptor” from the Jurassic Park movies. Sigh.)

Long story short, I was able to locate a place to take the bird. It was in a town an hour and a half north of us, but despite the people who said the bird would probably be put down, I drove “him,” it turns out, to the Stanislaus Wildlife Care Center.

Stanislaus Wildlife Care Center

A kind lady took my info and gave me case number so I could call to check on him.

Here’s the reason I didn’t post this last Friday: 

I called on Monday and I’m happy to say he’s still alive and EATING. This is huge. It will take time to see if his eye recovers. They believe the break will heal with care and an extra healthy diet that encourages bone growth. I’m relieved beyond words and I’m glad I went the distance for this beautiful wild thing.

 In other news, my Love at the Chocolate Shop book releases wide next Thursday! Some of the scenes take place on the 4th of July, hence this fun meme. Have a wonderful holiday!

Fireworks memeIf you like to be the first to get a new release, you can pick up your preorder here (click on image):

Sweet Summer Kisses Open

And since tomorrow is Canada Day, I’d like to share this adorable video I spotted on FB. Made me laugh! Go, Canada!!!

Have a great weekend, all!


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2 thoughts on “One hawk down: a lesson in survival

  1. Well done! I am pleased that he made it. It really was worth the stress and worry the whole story put you through.

  2. Thanks, Bridget! I’m glad, too, although at the time I felt completely inept and was afraid I was making life worse for him. Fingers crossed he continues to improve. I just sent a donation to the sanctuary.

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