You Can Be Whoever You Want to Be! (Pat)

Probably the best thing about being an author is you can be whoever you want to be during the course of the book.

Yes, it is short lived, but it is so great while it’s happening.

I’ve been a lot of things during my writing career.   I’ve been a Scottish heiress, a old west female sheriff (yes, rare but it actually did occur), a saloon owner, the daughter of a mob boss, an army surgical nurse, a governess for a wealthy New York family in 1940, an animal vet, a member of the Underground Railroad before the Civil War, and a paramedic to mention a few of my  temporary occupations.  While you are writing, you become those people.  You feel their pain, their fear, their successes, their romance.

My favorite occupation for a heroine is the reporter.   In my new work in progress, I return to the my first profession.   I was a news reporter with The Atlanta Journal at a time when there were few women in the field and I had to fight for every step  up on the news ladder.

I started as a summer intern, then city news clerk and moved to writing obits before graduating to general news.    At the time, I was the only woman reporter on the news side other than the religion reporter.   I couldn’t cover the police beat (too violent, apparently, for a woman) until I was the only reporter in the news room when three policemen were killed in a suburban county.   I then got to cover the investigation since I was first on the scene..

As a reporter, I longed to go higher.   I wanted to be a foreign correspondent or cover the Supreme Court.   I did cover city, state and federal government and the courthouse beats but never reached that foreign correspondent dream.   At least not until I started writing fiction.   And now, in my book in progress, I can indulge that dream.    Temporarily, at least.

I’ve written several  heroine journalists previously, but my current one in the fifth of the Covenant Falls series is MY personal heroine, the  journalist I always wanted to be.  Jenny Talbot is a free spirit, one who never let anything stop her.   She made it to the Middle East on her own.   The story is always more important than anything else.   More than family, comfort, money, personal safety.     Disabled by a shoulder wound during a bombing raid in Syria,  she is still seeking  stories wherever she can find them, and she finds a number of them in Covenant Falls.

It’s temporary until she can get back to a war zone where she can tell the story not of war but the people affected by it..But will a small town and a charming Ranger Captain be enough to end  her lifelong purpose,  and can he ever trust another reporter after his former fiance, a TV newswoman, dumped him after he was  badly wounded?

I really love these two people, and it’s such a delight to live vicariously through their pasts and present.



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