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Sorry to have been absent so much.   The last three months have been traumatic.    I mentioned that my house was flooded by a leak in the water pipes.  It took four weeks to have everything back to nearly normal.   I still have boxes full of clothes, books and shoes to unpack.

While emptying bpx, my foot caught another, and down I went for the second fall in three months.  This time I sprained  my left hand and wrist and ended up in an emergency room for the second time this year.  They added a hand splint to my wardrobe.   Not so easy to type.  My entire writing schedule became more and more behind.

But I’m back at it now.   Finished five chapters of my new, as yet untitled, book about another wounded vet finding a home in Covenant Falls.   It will be the fifth book in the Covenant Falls series.    I’m extremely excited about my heroine, Jenny Talbot, a roaming foreign correspondent and a free spirit who never, ever, wants to be tied down.

I was never a foreign correspondent, but I was a reporter on The Atlanta Journal covering the state legislature, federal court, trials and city hall  and one exceedingly brutal murder.   I wrote my share of investigative reporting series and general interest features.   My proudest accomplishment was writing a series on Georgia’s lack of facilities for kids with autism.

I loved being a reporter, and I’m reliving that excitement in Jenny.   I know how a story can take over your life, and so it is with Jenny.   I can’t wait to share her with you.

I’m also sharing her with Captain Cole Hammond, a wounded Ranger Captain who’s trying to decide whether to take army desk job or find a new occupation.   Neither appeal to him.  It takes a short stay in Covenant Falls to make him believe there’s a life away from war, but can he ever tame Jenny’s roving spirit?.

Thanks to all of you who bought “The SEAL’s Return.”   It did extraordinarily well and I appreciate every one of you.

I also wanted to remind you that all my back list is now available at Amazon.  It includes westerns, romantic suspense, Scottish historicals, American Revolution tales, and my favorite, “Island of Dreams,”  a World War II/60′s story.  It was published by Harper Collins  and won the Maggie Award.  It was also a RITA finalist.   All reviewers at Amazon gave it a five-star rating.   It’s free to those with Amazon Unlimited and only $2.99 to others.

Just go to Amazon/Patricia Potter/Island of Dreams.  .



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