Troubles, troubles (Pat)

Sorry to have been missing lately, but at the same time my newest book, “The Seal’s Return,” was released in early February, my house flooded due to a leak in a water pipe.    Four weeks later, I’m still involved in the clean-up.

I have, in the interim, discovered many new facts.   There are some plumbers who know nothing about faucets.   There is one man in the Memphis area who knows how to detect where a leak has occurred (I call him the leak diviner as opposed to a water diviner) and he charges $500 for ten minutes work and won’t allow  another plumber within a block for fear his secret might be learned,  and that neighbors are wonderful people.  (Did you know that you can attach a neighbor’s outside faucet to your outside faucet by a hose and get water to your house?   It even goes through the hot water heater).   I’ve discovered that most plumbers do not know this very valuable tip.   The fact is I have a wonderful neighbor and lived off his water for three weeks.  (I could do everything but drink it.  Neither could my two dogs).

I also learned that carpet layers, carpenters and painters come on time.    Plumbers do not.   I learned that someone who pulls up a tree, including roots, does not necessarily feel bound to cut it up and cart it off.  Rather, they leave a twenty foot plus tree on one’s sidewalk.   The neighbors were not amused.  I also learned never plant a Magnolia or Crape Myrtle tree over a water line (I didn’t, but the previous owner did).   I was warned, too late, by several of the plumbers who visited.

I also discovered that if a leak is outside the house on a narrow strip between the house and driveway but  NOT under the drive pavement, the house owner is responsible for the cost of repairing said leak, although if it WAS under the pavement the insurance would cover it..

In addition, I also learned after packing a thousand books or so in cartons that the people who move furniture would do it in one-tenth the time and it WAS covered by insurance.

I have learned lots of things, and my only satisfaction is that they will all appear in a  future book some day in the future.

In the meantime, four weeks after the leak, I am nearing the end of repairs.  I have suffered through bare cement floors (after the wet carpet was carted off) and minimal furniture for three weeks, without water to drink from the faucet for two weeks although, thanks to my neighbor, I had water for the bathroom and washing machine.   (I was offered a hotel room but I had two dogs, including an elderly girt who needs frequent trips outside).   I was not going to leave her in the kennel.

Needless to say that with people tramping in and out on a regular and irregular basis, I didn’t get much writing done, nor promotion for my latest Covenant Falls tale.

One positive note: I had to clean out my closets and Good Will is a very happy organization.

I hope to do better in communicating this week.


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