It Is What It Is!/Pat

On sale now!

On sale now!

Now I know what the expression — It is what it is — means.

Just in the midst of trying to promote The SEAL’s Return and start a new Covenant Falls book, disaster fell.

I went to my bathroom Thursday (it seems a year ago) to change clothes for a visit  with an eye doctor when my bare foot sank into the carpet and water bubbled up around it.   .

Another step and more more water.   A few more steps and I felt as if I were wading in a kiddy pool.     Several minutes later, the wetness spread, covering the entire bathroom and most of my adjoining bedroom.    It had been dry an hour earlier.

I know enough to cut off the water, but the valve  was stuck tight.    I called  my plumber who was out of town and went neighbor to neighbor trying to find someone with steadier and stronger hands.    Finally found a helpful soul at home and she tried to shut the valve to no avail.   I called my friendly neighborhood handyman.  He was on the other side of town.   Then a  second neighbor arrived and managed  to cut off the  water  in the house.

This was just the beginning.    Water suddenly  poured out from underneath the house down the driveway to  the street.    Called the water company to turn off  the water from the street to the house.

Called the insurance company and, to their credit, they had plumbers out in thirty minutes.  They found what they thought was THE leak in the bathroom.  Tore up the carpet. to get to it.  By then the water was three inches high in the bathroom and it was spreading to the hallway.     They made  a temporary patch and, said  they would return in the morning with a jackhammer to make a permanent fix.

Just as they were leaving,, two more men appeared at the door.    They took all the clothes from the closet and dumped them on my bed and, tossed  the wet items in big black bags.   They then  pulled  up all the carpet in the bathroom and  half in the bedroom.  Just as they left, two additional guys appeared  and brought in  giant blowers to dry everything out for the plumbers  the next day.

Okay. my dogs and I could survive a night in the tiny guest bedroom that was also nearly filled with stuff from the bedroom.   Problem was there was no water.   I figured I could survive until the next morning when the plumbers would fix the leak.

The plumbers arrived the next day as promised, jackhammered a huge hole in my bathroom  floor and turned the water back on.   No more water bubbled up from that leak, but water rushed from under the house toward the street.

After a conference, they decided the leak in the bathroom was the result of a more major pipe leak somewhere under the house.   They searched for five hours to find the main leak.   No luck.

More people arrived but they were puzzled as well.    The only thing they could suggest, was employing an expert who was said to be very good in locating busted pipes under houses..  There was only one problem.   He was booked up until Wednesday at 1 p.m., and he apparently was the only person who had this particular talent.

Meanwhile there would be no water for the duration.  The insurance company offered a hotel room, but that wouldn’t work.  I have two dogs, one of which is old and sick and  on steroids which means she has to go out every two or three hours.   I have puppy pads all over my house just in case  of an accident.    I don’t think a hotel would be as understanding as her owner..   And no way would I leave her in a kennel.

I also have a lot of writing to do.    I do not write well away from my work station, which is a desktop with research books and notes scattered  around me.

But there would be no water.  No baths.   No washing of dishes or clothes.    None at all for at least five more days and quite possibly longer..

A helpful plummer asked whether I had a friendly neighbor.   I happen to have a very wonderful one.   He suggested connecting  two hoses and connecting them to the outside faucet of my house to the outside faucet of my neighbors.   When both are turned on, water flows from the neighbor’s house to mine    It even goes to the hot water heater.  He didn’t advise drinking it,  but said I could use it for every other purpose.  My neighbor readily agreed.    (My mind immediately went to a great scene when I want the hero and heroine together in some unique way, but I digress).. .

It worked, until the the hoses froze.

But today at noon, they thawed out.  I have water again.  Of sorts.

The last two days, of course, were lost, work-wise.   So will much of  next week, even if they do find the  errant pipe.    Giant blowers are still blowing in my bath and master bedroom. The guest bedroom is so full of stuff from the other two rooms that my dogs and I can barely wriggle through to the bed.

But it is what it is.   Great summation..   Nothing you can do about it.

And there is one bright spot.  I have a great scene building in my writer’s mental file cabinet.

I’ll keep you posted.





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  1. Holy crap! I hope that find the leak sooner rather than later. Those fans do work, but they’re loud.

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