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This will be short because I have a deadline on the first three chapters of a fifth book in the Covenant Falls series and I’m way behind.   It will be the story of news correspondent JennyTalbot and Ranger Captain  Cole Hammond..

This has been a hectic week.   I/m still engaged in cleaning up after my house was flooded by a water leak.  It took eight days to find the leak and get it fixed, but now all the carpet on the ground floor of my house has to be replaced and I have books, books and more books to be moved.   The advance man for the carpet firm came into my house and blanched.   I’ve been trying to help by loading boxes with books and willowing out some to donate to the local library.  Not much luck.  They are all to precious, and I know I’ll want to read them again.

I’m also doing publicity for my new book, “”The Seal’s Return.”   You can find out all about it on http://prismbooktours.blogspot.com/     It includes several reviews and five different blogs about the book.  You can also enter a contest for a $25.00 Amazon gift card or a e-copy of my first Covenant Falls book.

Have a wonderful week ahead.




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