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My newest book, The SEAL’s Return, is now available in e-book and large print paperback.   It’s the fourth in the Covenant Falls series.

I thought I would take the opportunity here to  tell you a little about my particular writing process.    I like to create the perfect couple by creating the two people who are decidedly imperfect for each other.

When I start a book, I usually have a hero – or heroine – in mind and then visualize the polar opposite of that person. . My new book is a perfect example.  I hope readers will wonder how former SEAL Jubal Pierce and ambitious Dr. Lisa  Redding can ever resolve their differences.

I started with my hero (I usually do).  . He had to be an ex Navy SEAL. I’ve wanted to write a story about one for years. But I never quite had the right heroine.   Jubal Pierce has been a SEAL for eighteen years but during a mission gone wrong, he’s captured by group of terrorists who believe he’s a doctor and hold him prisoner to take care of their group. The experience has resulted in permanent injuries that keep him from rejoining the SEALs.

Being a SEAL is Jubal’s identity. His life. His family.  His father – a rodeo rider – died when he was seven and he blamed his mother for his death and has not seen her in years. The only relationships he’s had is within the SEAL family.   After his discharge, he’s rudderless and aimless until he stops for a few days to visit a friend in Covenant Falls.

Dr. Lisa Redding has worked most of her life towards being a doctor.
She is the adopted daughter of a couple who were told they could never have children, then twelve years later had first a son, then a daughter.   Now she has achieved her goal: a prestigious fellowship in pediatric surgery at a prestigious Chicago hospital. But those plans are destroyed when both parents die, and she is sole guardian of her brother, Gordon, and sister, Kerry, both of whom feel she hadn’t been there for them when their mother died of cancer.  Her life is turned upside down when her brother, now sixteen, is arrested as an accessory in car theft and drug possession.

She gives up the fellowship and takes a temporary job at a medical clinic in Covenant Falls to take her brother, Gordon who is on probation, away from temptation. Her siblings are decidedly unhappy and on the first night in Covenant Falls, Gordon starts a fire on the property occupied by newcomer Jubal Pierce. Wrong guy. He sees too much of himself in the kid and decides to straighten him…

Jubal is everything Lisa fears as an example for Gordon. He’s a warrior and she’s a healer who has seen too much violence in the emergency room of the hospital.
What’s more she has a fine future ahead of her after this one year in Covenant Falls, and Jubal is headed in the opposite direction.   He has no idea what he wants.  Although attracted to him, she’s repelled by his past and suspicious of the hold he seems to have on her brother. As for Jubal, he feels she’s doing everything wrong with her brother.

It wasn’t easy to get them together. It takes a few miracles for each of them. But then Covenant Falls is full of them.

You can read a excerpt at Amazon.  Just go to Amazon/Kindle/The SEAL’s Return.

I hope you like Jubal and Lisa as much as I enjoyed  creating them.


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