Happy First Friday of 2017!

TGIF takes on new meaning when it’s the first of the new year, doesn’t it? So fresh. So hopeful. So…wow, that week went fast!!! Is the whole year going to be like this?

New stuff abounds in Debland.

Rain up the wazoo–and boy, did our wazoo need it! They’re saying another storm is coming. I can’t wait! Although the down side when you get a lot of rain in one fell swoop is flooding and parts of Yosemite National Park have been closed just in case this next storm is as strong as predicted.

Yesterday, I got a new header for my Facebook and newsletter from the very talented Sharlene Martin-Moore.


And I’ll be sharing a new cover reveal in my newsletter on Sunday. Are you signed up? I’m doing a monthly giveaway in 2017. Here’s January’s gift. I love supporting fellow artists, including my talented photographer friend, Jackie Maxwell of JaxImages. Her calendars are just gorgeous. NEWSLETTER


I’m back to work on my next book–no rest for the writer types. Have a great weekend, my friends.

Happy reading!



2 thoughts on “Happy First Friday of 2017!

  1. It’s a shame that whenever you get the needed rain the ground can’t absorb it and flooding occurs. I love the new header and look forward to more reads from you in 2017.

  2. Hi, Eileen! Lovely to see you. You’re so right about water rushing past on it’s way to the ocean. California hasn’t invested in the water storage infrastructure it needs and we pay for that every summer. Yosemite is closing at 5 PM today in preparation of the storm. Zikes!!!

    Thanks for the kudos on the header. I’ll be using it a lot for the next couple of months.

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