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First of all, I want to apologize for being missing in action for the past few weeks.

Life got in the way:   Flu, a bad fall the Monday before Christmas, the holidays, a birthday, and visiting friends and relatives all conspired against my fulfilling my weekly visit with you.  I promise to do better in the future.

Christmas was good, even with a black eye and injured knee, and then the holidays were brightened when Tara Taylor Quinn and husband Tim visited me on New Year’s Day which also happened to be my birthday.   It was a great present,    Tara and I have been close friends since serving together on the board of Romance Writers of America.    Both of us writing for Harlequin Super Romance only deepens the bond.

But now it’s back to business!

The good news is my fourth Covenant Falls Book,The Seal’s Return, will be available  February lst, and I’m trying to catch up on promotion efforts.   I’m far behind, but I’m spending this week and next trying to make up for it.   Just go to Amazon/Patricia Potter/The Seal’s Return to per-order the e-book version or large print paperback.

More good news!!!!  I just received the go ahead for three additional Covenant Falls adventures which will make a total of seven.   I love my quirky town of Covenant Falls that seems to have a magical healing affect on returning veterans.  I’m thrilled to tell more of their stories.

But now more about my February release.

The SEAL’s Return tells the story of former Navy SEAL Jubal Pierce and Dr. Lisa Redding.   Both are newcomers to Covenant Falls.  Jubal plans to stay a day or two to visit old friend Chris Manning from the second book in the Home To Covenant Falls series.   After a mission gone wrong with resulting permanent injuries, Jubal is rootless when he leaves the SEALS.   He has no family, no goal, no plans.    His life, quite simply, is a mess.

Dr. Lisa Redding’s life, on the other hand, is just taking off.  She has received a coveted   Fellowship in Pediatric Surgery at a major Chicago hospital.  But her path takes a detour after her mother’s death, and her teenage brother and sister become her responsibility.   When her deeply troubled brother is arrested for drug possession and auto theft, she reluctantly gives up the fellowship which would consume all her time and takes a temporary position with the Covenant Falls Medical Clinic.    It wouldn’t be easy for her brother to get into trouble in the peaceful community, or so she hoped, and she could reclaim the fellowship the next year..

I knew I was asking for trouble with these two.   There could rarely be a worse match. Lisa is a healer who has witnessed  the horrible results of violence at her hospital, and she doesn’t like it at all when a foot loose former warrior takes an interest in her brother.   She’s sacrificing her career to keep Gordon away from exactly that.

Jubal is none too happy with her, either.   He hadn’t planned to stay even a few days in Covenant Falls, but when he finds a kid starting a fire on the property where he’s staying,  he thinks a lesson needs to be taught and, darn it, the kid reminds him of his own rough teenage years.  While there’s immediate physical attraction between Jubal and Lisa, they both are dismayed and determined not to let it develop.

Their lives are going in different directions.   He feels the meaningful part of  his is over, and hers as a surgeon is just beginning. It takes the birth of a colt for him, and the premature birth of a baby for her that help them discover they have far more in common than either believed.

I might add that neither of the above events were planned when I started writing The Seal’s Return.   In Chapter Four, Lisa and Jubal took over and wrote their own story.   That’s the joy of writing.   At some point in the process, I have to throw out the initial proposal and just tag along as the characters go their way.    That’s the most wonderful  aspect of writing fiction.  I’m constantly amazed at what happens.

I hope you love Jubal and Lisa as much as I do.  You can pre-order the e-book or large print paperback now for a February 1st delivery.

And a late Happy New Year to all!!!!



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