Creating a Character (Pat)

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and beginning of the holiday season.

My entry into a merry season is somewhat hating.   Thanksgiving was great, but on Monday I came down with one whopper of a cold, and I’ve been nursing it since.    I take great pride in rarely being sick.   I sometimes even brag about it.   Bad move.   I  evidently challenged those little devil germs and they pounced.

I am surviving but only through gallons of orange juice.    It usually works.   This time, not so much.

But a new book is calling and I can’t deny it any longer. It will be the fifth in the Covenant Falls series.   I always start with one character.    He — or she — usually charges into the mind and soul like a medieval  knight or lady.  It’s only until we become intimately acquainted can I move on to other characters, particularly his — or her –counterpart in the book.

In this case it’s the lady.  She’s Jennifer — Jenny –Talbot, a free lance war reporter who has been wounded while covering the civilian disaster in Syria.     She’s not one to stay still long, even while recovering with her family in Denver.  They are driving her crazy.   Why can’t she be like other women?   Mainly, why doesn’t she marry and have children like her sister?   Why must she roam the world and put herself in danger?

Maybe because she loves it.  She’s never met a man who gave her the same rush as a good news story.  Now she’s stuck for a few months while undergoing therapy     She can’t drive or carry cameras.   But then, while scanning every newspaper she can access, she reads a short story about  a horse therapy program for veterans that’s only a a four-or-five-hour drive away.   She can get there one way or another.    Maybe she can make a story out of that.   Keep her name in print.  She’s certainly acquainted with the trauma many soldiers suffer.    She’s experienced the same flashbacks and nightmares.   The one thing she knows, though, is she is never  going to give up her independence, her lust for the next story wherever it may be.

I instantly understood Jenny.   I’m a former reporter and know the call of a good story and desire for independence.   I can’t wait to go on her journey.

The only problem now is to find a man who can match her.

Maybe I can do it next week.   After another glass of orange juice.  Or a gallon.


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