A Mighty Good Feeling (Pat)

I just finished shopping for a stranger and wow, did I have a good time!!!!

For years I’ve been wanting to ‘adopt’ a disadvantaged  child from cards hung on Christmas trees stationed in shopping centers.   But I’ve usually been in the throes of deadlines, and when I managed to make my way to a tree, it was too late.  This year, I made sure I was there in time.

I selected an eight-year old who wanted a Baby Doll Alive,  a plain baby doll and stroller and something called Shopkins which completely befuddled me.

I have often bought presents for young ‘uns in my family, but those were individual gifts and usually centered on stuffed dogs and Teddy Bears.  I knew nothing about current trends in juvenile amusement.

But always game, I entered a toy store for one of my very rare visits and asked what in the heck are Shopkins and Baby Doll Alive.   I found myself  surrounded by young mothers buying all sorts of strange things, including cats that had kittens inside them.   I finally flagged down a store clerk who guided me over to a section that contained rows and rows of plastic packages that encased tiny half-people and even tinier objects.   I stared at them with consternation.   What do you do with them? I asked.   He shrugged.

I thought how horrified a parent must be to handle hundreds of very small  objects, but  that wasn’t my problem, and it was on the  ‘wanted’ list.  I tossed a couple of plastic packages in my basket and added the Baby Doll Alive which I discovered does all the things that are usually considered work for a grown up mother.   A baby stroller was added.    I was on my way out when I spied this beautiful stand-up , well-tailored young lady doll.  Into the basket.

Okay.   So much for the toys.   Off to my wonderful Costcos for something more practical like a warm, stylish coat.   But what size?  The card said a children’s Size 12, but the size 12 on the table looked mighty small.   So I accosted every woman in the store for their opinion.   Should I get the 12 or go up a size?   Decisions.   Decisions.   Everyone had a different idea.  I finally decided on the larger one.   Now a scarf. to go with it . . ..

And, of course, a stuffed dog.

I  finally finished with two huge bags.  I learned a lot about today’s trends in children’s toys, and It might be helpful in a new book, but then I suspect this year’s Shopkins will be out of favor.  What mother in her right mind would not declare war against these fiendish tiny objects?

I had a delightful time.  I enjoyed every moment.

And now I can’t wait until next year.


One thought on “A Mighty Good Feeling (Pat)

  1. Merry Christmas! Hope you have a wonderful holiday season.
    It is wet and cool here in So. Cal.
    Silver and Bullet (our 6 month old lab puppies; a silver and a chocolate) said to tell your furry family members to have a good one too.
    Take care.

    Cheryl in Ramona

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