Back Again (Pat)

I’m back again after what seems like months rather than weeks.

It’s been a hectic falls.  I finished the fourth in the “Home To Covenant Falls Series” and wrote proposals for several more.   I have fallen in love with Covenant Falls and just can’t seem to leave.

This time I’m telling the story of former SEAL Jubal Pierce who is medically discharged after being imprisoned and tortured by a terrorist group in Africa for two years after a humanitarian mission went bad..    He has lost muscle and bone strength and no longer qualifies as an active SEAL.

He’s at loose ends, not sure where to go or what to do, but he thinks a car trip across the country might help him find a future.  But first he plans to stop for a night or two with old friend, former Chopper Pilot Clint Morgan, in Covenant Falls.   He certainly has no intention of staying longer until he catches a  teenager trying to burn down the dock of a cabin where he’s staying.   He sees himself in the young man and, despite his better judgment, decides to stay a few days to teach the kid a lesson.

Lisa Redding is a doctor who gives up a coveted fellowship in a Chicago  hospital when her teenage brother is arrested for drug possession.   Their mother died a year earlier which sent her brother and sister in a downward cycle..   She’s their guardian and realizes  she cannot  look after them if she accepts the hospital position.    Her brother is embittered both because she wasn’t  at home when needed and, as a doctor, she should have been able to save their mother.    The supervising doctor at the hospital suggests she accepts a one year position in Covenant Falls, filling in for the town doctor who has suffered a heart attack.   He will try to restore the fellowship the following year.

She has never lived in a small town.   She’s a big city girl and so are her siblings.   They’re not happy at all with the move, and neither is she.   But  Covenant Falls has a way of embracing its new residents, even if she is suspicious of another newcomer’s interest in her son, particularly one who has spent his adult life engaged in war and violence.

It was a fun story to write, full of emotion on the parts of both Lisa and Jubal.   He has no one and  doesn’t want anyone, and yet he is drawn into the warm circle of Covenant Falls. A pinto horse,  assisting in the birth of a foal,  a troubled teenager  and  a testy lady doc make it increasingly difficult to leave.   And Lisa?  Is she ready to give up her lifelong dream of being a pediatric surgeon for a burned out warrior?.

The book will be out  the first of February and can be purchased in advance at Amazon.   I hope you will love Jubal as much as I do.

Have a great week!


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