That’s the hashtag for Tule Publishing’s new “Love at the Chocolate Shop” series, which launched yesterday with the release of MELT MY HEART, COWBOY by C.J. Carmichael. melt-my-heart-cowboy This is a lovely, sweet romance with a focus on family and being open to new possibilities. There’s a secondary character–the hero’s sister who has developmental challenges on the Autism scale–that touched my heart.

When my hubby and I were visiting our old home town, we recalled a man in our neighborhood named Lee. Lee was probably ten or more years older than us, but his mind was…”different.” He didn’t understand things like personal boundaries and social graces. He was very sharp where certain things were concerned (remember Dustin Hoffman in Rainman?) and completely oblivious about things we took for granted. He once flew to Chicago, wandered around the airport for four hours and flew back home, where his worried parents were waiting for him. A triumph and complete success in his mind. He boasted about “visiting Chicago” for months. We went to college, moved away and completely lost track of Lee. His parents were old (well, everyone over 25 was old to us back then) and I never heard mention of siblings or other family. As we drove past Lee’s family’s house, we shared our memories of him–both funny and poignant in hindsight.

I wished I’d been a bigger, kinder person to Lee. I wish I’d been more like Rosie Linn in C.J.’s book. Do you have a “Lee” in your life? I’d love to hear.

You can read the first chapter of MELT MY HEART, COWBOY here: start reading for free.

I’m so excited to have a book in this line-up. Don’t you love the covers?! chocolate-four-covers I know I mentioned the Facebook Release Party last week, but here’s the schedule. I’d love to hang out with you on Wednesday, Oct. 12, from 3-8 PM (Pacific). You’ll have to join the Main Street Marietta private group to participate–and be eligible for all the great prizes–but you’re not obligation to remain in it once the party is over. chocolate-shop-party-times-jpg Have a great autumnal weekend–and stay safe Floridians and all those in Hurricane Matthew’s path.




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  1. I do. A niece. She graduated from college this past Spring. By happenstance, we visited her once at college, my son was playing LAX there in a tournament. She never shows emotion, but her mom told me that was such a special visit for her daughter. She hung out with us for a few hours, and there wasn’t a lot of conversation. But it meant the world to her we were there.

  2. Thanks for sharing that story Deb. Lee sounds like quite the character. I really enjoyed writing about my Sara Maria. I did a lot of research, but also tapped into both the Joon character from the movie Bennie and Joon, plus a bit of the Sheldon character from Big Bang Theory. It was a challenge, but fun. I just hope readers enjoy the story!

  3. Denise, I think you’ll relate to Sara Maria then. CJ did a great job with her.

    CJ, I did a bunch of research for my heroine’s son in Montana Hero. There’s a wide spectrum and the key for me is consistency. I think you nailed Sara Maria. And I really did think about your book when we drove past Lee’s house. I wish I could know that someone was there for him when his parent’s passed (or that he went first).


  4. I’ve taught and dealt with students on the Autism spectrum. They can be challenging but each of their abilities and needs are different. I loved CJ’s story and was very impressed with the way she and the characters of the story treated Sara Maria. Thank you for promoting this series. I love the covers and can’t wait to read more stories in this series.

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