What are you reading?

I get asked this all the time, but this week, the question came up more often than usual…because, I as I learned, it was READ ACROSS AMERICA Day on Wednesday.


Who knew?

So…what are you reading?

I’m finishing up the last of my six RITA books, which are top secret so I can’t discuss the titles or my opinion of them. But I can tell you that for the first time EVER, all of the books were from Indie publishers. Not a single title from a New York traditional publishing house. Wow.

On my Kindle, I’m reading:

Exposed by C.J.Carmichael             AMAZON


This is the third book in the trilogy, but BURIED, the first in the series, is FREE. I highly suggest you give it a try if you like mysteries. I am really enjoying the series and will be sad when it’s done. (But I’m also looking forward to some answers. ;-) )

Speaking of FREE books, MONTANA COWGIRL, Book I in my Big Sky Mavericks series is free for a few more days. Here’s how BookBub described it:

A heart-tugging Montana love story! Fifteen years after leaving for rodeo stardom, Bailey returns home to rebuild her shattered life. Can she find a second chance with Paul — the man who cursed her for leaving him behind? 


$4.99 Free!

Available for a limited time


2 thoughts on “What are you reading?

  1. Currently reading When We Were Sisters by Emilie Richards. It’s an ARC coming out in June. I’m loving it. Read Across America/Dr Seuss Birthday! One of my very favorite themes when I ran an in-home childcare. And yes, we did eat green eggs & ham on that day. We also visited the local elementary school and I read stories to multiple classrooms. The childcare kids also read one story to the studens as well – keep in mind these were kids 4 and under. (it was a simple rhyming story I created) They worked hard and the school kids loved it and encouraged them. Thanks for the book freebie – it’s on my kindle now!

  2. LISA! Thanks for posting. I love Emilie’s writing. I will look for this book when it comes out. Thanks for the heads up.

    Dr. Seuss was brilliant. My favorite and the story I read in our local Charter School classroom whenever asked is: What Was I Afraid Of? I still quote it on occasion!

    Happy reading!


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