Midweek Madness (Tara Taylor Quinn)

I am skidding in here a bit late, but Storybroads has been on my mind all week.  We’ve been around a while.  Since the dawn of blogging.  I can’t measure the value of that.  I’m just glad to be here.

I’m in the midst of an on-line book tour.  Instead of taking away from that, I hope you’ll all join me.  I’m on many many new sites this week – all entertaining, informative, well read book sites.  Like storybroads, they just feel good.  Please gift yourself with a moment to stop in.  Look around.  Read some of the posts.  Enter some of the giveaways.  You don’t have to comment, just click.

Today’s stops are:

Deal Sharing Aunt

Lisa Is a Bookworm

Brooke Blogs

And for a complete listing of tour information:

Summer with TTQ Banner smaller



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