Art Journals (Kat Garbera, Guest)

I want to say thanks to Lynn for inviting me to blog with you all today.

My recent procrastination technique is moving me away from the internet and the social media games I used to play.  It’s an art journal. I feel the need to qualify this and let you know that I have zero art skills.  In my high school humanities class when we got to the part of the course where we were required to bring in a canvas, I attempted to recreate Monet’s Impression Bleu with Impression Purple (very original, I know). My father took one look at it and said it looked more like Impression F. And he wasn’t wrong. But when I shared his comment with my teacher, she kept the canvas, gave me an A, and shared the story with the other classes of how art is in the eye of the beholder.

Cut to years later and I’m still probably at the Impression F level, but I enjoy, so it doesn’t matter to me.  And I’ve been learning techniques I didn’t even know about before.  One thing about moving from a writer to a published author is that now, writing is a job, whereas before, it was fun. I was making up people and places for myself and I’m still doing that, but I have pressure to deliver a book on time to my publishers and stories that meet my readers’ expectations.

With my art journal, there is no expectation at all.  Since I’m not even good at art, I can put anything down and be happy with it.  I’m not happy, though. I keep at it until it fits the vision I have in my head.  I use that art journal as a way to express my thoughts about my life, and to uncover things about my characters I didn’t know before.

I also use it to write about the secret things that make me proud of my kids or my husband, or sad about things in the world.  It’s my place to just let go and not worry about what anyone else has to say.

And I love it.

Is there something that you do just for yourself?  Tell me about it in Comments and I will enter you to win a copy of my latest release, His Instant Heir.


One thought on “Art Journals (Kat Garbera, Guest)

  1. Welcome to storybroads, Kat. I’m glad you’re filling in for Lynn while she’s off on her travels, once again. I write in my personal journal just for me. I’ve even learned it’s okay for it to be messy-crossed out words, misspellings (usually when I’m not paying as much attention and just letting things flow), etc. As odd as it may sound, those things are hard for me. I always want things to be “just so” with my writing, so messy, sloppy pages are a challenge. But I’m learning they’re kinda fun, too.

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