It’s Done! (Anne Stuart)

The book is done, and I worked a massive amount, writing over 32,000 words in 5 days. Alas, only three people guessed, and the winner is Robyn in Iowa, who was only 764 words off. Over on Facebook I had someone who was only 2 words off, which is pretty amazing. I did 4546 words on Monday, finished the draft on Thursday, did some revisions on Friday and then had a complete meltdown. My darling husband plied me with treats and love and affection and by Sunday I was able to jump back into the fray and whip that puppy into shape.
And it’s going the be fabulous! The ARC is for the first book in the series, NEVER KISS A RAKE, and the one I finished is NEVER TRUST A PIRATE. On top of being a former pirate, he’s half gypsy too. Yum! Plus I borrowed a bit from the Pirate Captain in Pirates! Band of Misfits which has to be the best pirate movie after The Crimson Pirate. (I have a thing for Burt Lancaster).
So Robyn, send your snail mail to and I’ll send you out your very own ARC!



3 thoughts on “It’s Done! (Anne Stuart)

  1. WooHoo, you finished and I win a prize! I rarely win anything!!! Thanks!!!

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