Defending the Caveman (Tara Taylor Quinn)

Defending the Caveman…I have no idea how long this one man show has been around – but it’s brand new to me and I strongly recommend that anyone who has not see it, do so.  As soon as possible.

Defending the Caveman is a Broadway hit – with some kind of award for the longest running one man show.  It’s been translated in 16 languages and has traveled all over the world.  Because it’s that successful.  That popular.

My aunt and mother gifted Tim and I with tickets to Caveman this past Sunday.  The show was Sunday night and we had front row seats.  We were all on a trip together – an annual thing – and suddenly Tim and I had to spruce up our duds and head off to the theater!  Probably didn’t matter what show was playing, we’d have had fun.

As it turned out – I had another life changing experience.  Defending the Caveman is hilariously funny.  I think if you read reviews on it, the hilarity is what people report.  It’s what people talk about.  The humor is probably what makes the show so popular.

And this is ttq, here.  Funny is fine, but I live life on a deeper level.  Intensity is my moniker.  Not because I ask for it, or even want it, I just see INTO the world, rather than around it.  And this play…WOW.

On the surface, Caveman is about the differences between men and women.  I was prepared for a cute good time and fun with my honey.  I ended up taking in every word.  I laughed out loud because I couldn’t help it – but I absorbed…reality.

I don’t want to spoil the experience for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.  But I will tell you this…I came away with two eternal truths that make so many things more clear to me.  And arm me with the ability to weave through the challenges in every day with more joy, more peace and understanding.  With less hurt feeling and more abundance!  I’m excited about the possibilities!

Eternal truth number one:  Men are hunters and women are gatherers.  Such a simple statement.  And the explanation of life.

Eternal truth number two:  Men negotiate and women cooperate.  I just can’t get enough of this one.  Think about every conversation you’ve ever had with the opposite sex – and realize that both sides of the conversation were going two different places!  Good places!  Worthy and valuable places!  But different places!  What if we’re both in the same car with two different destinations in mind without either knowing that the other thought you were going someplace different?  Think of the cachophony.  The struggle.  The hurt and anger and frustration.  And then realize that is you only knew that you had two different destinations in mind, the entire upset would have been avoided.

Defending the Caveman…See it.





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