Sustenance (Tara Taylor Quinn)

Tim and I are on the go with Mom, celebrating yet another birthday, busier than ever before, and thankful, too.  We’re facing some questions with Mom, but got the best of all answers this week as well and gearing up for the next challenge.  And through it all there is always the bottom line for me – the place that holds me securely, steadily, and helps me get up every morning, bright and early, to take on the day.

It’s that place deep inside of all of us.  Every single one of us have it.  Many never let themselves go down and find it.  Or access it a second time if they’ve ever found their way down to it.  For so many that deep recess is an uncomfortable place.  It requires utmost honesty from us.  It requires us to feel life at its most intense.  It is also the one place that has everything it takes to sustain us through absolutely anything and everything that this life will ever hand out to us.  I was lucky to find this place at a very young age.  It’s home to me no matter where I am.  No matter what I’m facing.  No matter what I am handed, this place is ready for me, and for it.  It holds me while I process and instills in me the strength and wherewithal to march forward.  My father once said that he likes my walk because I walk with purpose.  I walk with purpose because I come from a place of purpose and move forward from my bottom line up.


For the rest of the week The First Wife is still available as a completely free download!

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And for anyone who’s willing to share, I’d love to hear the small things any of you do to get through a tough day.


One thought on “Sustenance (Tara Taylor Quinn)

  1. I can relate to what you are saying. After a life altering accident in Oct. 1991, my world changed. I didn’t show my damages much on the outside beyond a limp, now mostly gone. Left and Right hemisphere brain damaged went undiagnosed for months. I’d just moved into a new town and was making new friends. No family around. I lived alone. Few people were brave enough to say, “No, you’re not alright. Go to a good medical area and find out what is wrong.”

    My parents didn’t take my accident as serious and didn’t see me for months. We’ve just done vacation in Baniff, B.C. Long time friends finally got me on recovery road. It was during these darkest times that I found an inner place which kept me going. I lost my type A personality. I find enomous joy in little things like meeting you and getting you to autograph books for me at April’s Desert Rose. That bucket list moment, I carry with great fondness. jean P.S. Tim’s a babe.

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