Spring (Anne Stuart)

It’s actually spring.  Even in the wilds of northern Vermont it’s spring, despite the fact that we had snow last week, and spring is a fabulous time for new beginnings.  I’ve got a new contract, Kristina Douglas has a terrific new book, the grass is turning green (or already been cut a few times if you’re further south).  It’s asparagus season, strawberry season (at least some places), the birds are singing … what’s to bitch about?

Well, we could always find something.  Being happy requires an effort — it’s much easier to worry or feel bad or bitter.  And sometimes it’s not so simple as making the decision to feel happy.  And it’s not your fault if you can’t break free from feeling bad.  Sometimes feeling rotten just takes hold and it’s hard to break free.

But walking outside is (literally) a step in the right direction.  Getting out in the sun, moving.  You’ve heard that a sound times, but Sister Krissie is here to remind you once more.  Feeling crappy?  Get outside.

Starting next week, I’m going to commence Madame Trash Heap’s Heap O’ Answers.  I used to call myself Sister Yoda, since I’m so almighty wise, but now I’m leaning toward the All-Knowing Trash Heap from Fraggle Rock, also known as Madame Heap.  I started writing my first book (the first professional book that was published, that is) 41 years ago.  I have seen everything, written almost everything.  When it comes to writing romantic fiction there is no much that escapes me.

So … your task, each week, is to ask me questions.  I know, you guys aren’t big on questions.  If it takes you a while to get into it I’ll come up with my own questions, but don’t leave me hanging.  Remember I answer everything, including tell you how much I weigh (which is easier since I’m currently losing weight).  I even put a picture of me in a bathing suit on my www.reinventingfabulous.com blog.  I’m ridiculously open and open.

So come on, come all, to Madame Heap’s Heap O’ Answers.  Coming next week.


4 thoughts on “Spring (Anne Stuart)

  1. Hi Anne,

    Wow. This is going to be great!

    Question: I realize that as an experienced writer you likely have less revision requests from your editors, but generally speaking, what changes have you seen with editors? Are they more hands-on, less, more keen to have the book shaped towards specific trends…

    I’m not asking about specifics, just generalities.

    Many thanks.


  2. Will there be any ICE or House of Rohan book? When? Looking forward to both.