Many Hats (Tara Taylor Quinn)

As people we have many roles to fill, many people to be every day of our lives. I am a wife, mother, daughter, writer, professional helpmate, friend… The list goes on. I have talked here before about Stephen Covey’s advice to know the roles we play and to have goals specific to each role. I have been a believer in and practicer of Covey theories for many years. Now more than ever I need them Lately I feel as though I have so many roles to play that I am splitting into more than one person. Or failing. I don’t seem to be meeeting my goals sufficiently. I get up in the morning and go until I drop and do not have time to skate or bike ride and there are people waiting on me to do things at the end of every day.

Am I wanting too much? I don’ t think so. To want is to accompplish. To succeed. To have. I want (need) to be a good wife. A good mother. A good daughter. A good writer. A good friend. A good person.

Today,this morning as Tim had to turn around on the way to work because I forgot the dog’ s collars, he teased me with words I had lovingly and sincerely given to him just yesterday. And I am reminded that we teach what we most need to learn. HTim very aimply said: make a list.

Make a list. I know this practice. I used to practice this practice. And somewhere in my changed life, I forgot the simplest of things. Make a list.

I am off to do so. And next week I plan to tell you all how much I have accomplished!!


2 thoughts on “Many Hats (Tara Taylor Quinn)

  1. I can’t do anything without making a list – and that includes going into another room to get/do something!!

  2. Lists are great things! We sometimes get so wrapped up in our daily life that we forget. I have practically forgotten all my family and friends for the last few months. School has my focus and its not giving me any wiggle room. So far this semester I have all A’s, I was nominated by my teachers and because of my GPA to join the Honor Society. I graduate with my technical certificate next month on the 19th. I just stopped by to say hello and let everyone know I am still alive!