Opinions, Please (Tara Taylor Quinn)

I just received the first cover of The Comfort Cove trilogy!!! 

Okay, I’m supposed to say it like that.  And I AM excited to see the time getting closer.  I love this series.  I know, I love all of my books.  Most especially after they’re written and right before they’re being released.  They’re in that safe zone of done, complete, as good as they can be – and haven’t yet been judged.  It’s the zone of the possibilities are endless.

But zoning aside, this trilogy is special.  The idea was born while I was in the basement of city building in downtown Phoenix.  I was standing outside the evidence room, waiting to speak with someone and looking at the boxes and envelopes and general cluttered messiness of a working evidence storage room.  And the what if’s started.  What if a box went missing?  How long would it be before anyone knew it?  Who would know?  Why would they know?  How could someone take that evidence, anyway?  And why would they?

I had a load of questions to ask – and to answer.  They pounded on my brain.  I have no idea why.  But this is how it works for me.  The constant pounding on the brain.  The barrage of questions that must have answers if I am to rest.  In this case, the answers presented themselves in perfect fashion.  They just…were.

Harlequin is giving the series great support.  They recognize that it is special.  It calls out to be read.

And…I’m not sure about the cover.  I know they’re reasoning.  It’s sound.  I believe what they’re telling me.  But they aren’t you – the people who read these books.  And you aren’t going to be privvy to their reasoning and justifications and motivations.  You only get…that cover up there.

So what does it say to you?  Is this a book you’d stop to look at?  And whether you would or not, why would or why wouldn’t you?  I’d really really like honest opinions here.  You can’t hurt my feelings on this one – I had nothing to do with this cover.  I have no ownership.  Just curiosity at this point.  What does this cover say to you???


4 thoughts on “Opinions, Please (Tara Taylor Quinn)

  1. I don’t pay much attention to covers at the best of times, but I’d pull this book out because of the title, not the cover. I love the clouds in the background, and the ball is good, but the houses make me think of suburbs and for some reason, that’s not so appealing to me. There’s a sense of isolation in this cover. Was that their intent?

    Thanks for asking.


  2. Like Susanne, my first impression is one of isolation — not only the “lonely” ball and the large amount of open sky, but the complete absence of people! I guess I’m not used to seeing that on Super titles…..
    It’s nice, it’s different (and, of course, I’m buying it for who wrote it not the cover :) ) but I’m kinda meh about it overall…….

  3. Honestly, Tara, I would buy this book because your name is on it, not because of the cover. In fact, the cover would make me NOT buy it because I hate those kinds of housing developments where the houses are all the same floor plan/shape/design. I live near one and don’t like even driving through it-who wants to live in a cookie-cutter house? (Well, obviously a lot of people who are not me!) If it were me, I’d change the cover, if I could.

    As I said, though: I’ll buy the book, no matter what the cover looks like because I know YOU write rockin’ novels and I always, always LOVE them!!!!!!!!!