Exciting Springtime Fun! (Maggie)

It’s SPRING! The robins have returned. The red-winged blackbirds are calling for their mates. The Crocuses are in full bloom. The sun is shining, and I have my first running injury. It’s all good! And it looks like, here in central New York at least, we’re sort of skipping straight to summer. In two weeks’ time we skipped from the occasional high 40′s / low 50′s, to 60′s, 70′s and almost 80 this very week. Bam, summer is upon us. Just like that. Last week there was still snow. This week we’ll hit 78 degrees. That’s life around these parts, and I’m not complaining.

So I’m hard at work trying to finish the second book of my Portal Trilogy, MARK OF THE WITCH by April, and right now that looks quite impossible. However, I know it will get done. I always manage somehow. Worrying about how I’ll do the impossible will only prevent it getting done. I don’t worry about how to make the sun rise in the morning or keep the earth spinning on its axis, or the phases of moon moving in their perfect cycle, or to make spring arrive, but those things always happen too. So it’s best to just relax and trust.
In the meantime, I’ve got some exciting things happening. I’m going to be re-releasing three more Maggie Shayne Classics in April; MIRANDA’S VIKING, OUT OF THIS WORLD MARRIAGE (which will have a new title) and FORGOTTEN VOWS…? My “authorslifesaver” Jessica is hard at work scanning and creating fabulous covers as we speak, and we’re expecting the paperwork to arrive any day now giving us the official go ahead. I’m very excited about these books. There’s a discussion going on right now at my facebook page as to what the new title should be for my “Gorgeous Alien crashes in Iowa Doctor’s back 40″ book. But I’ll take suggestions here too. It was a Silhouette Intimate Moments back in the day. A fun, steamy story, as all three of these were.

So what do you think? We’ve had dozens of suggestions for titles already, and readers are choosing their faves. But as I said, I’ll take help here too. That discussion, btw, is at www.facebook.com/maggieshayneauthor

Okay, so, my title: Dr. Duffy’s Close Encounter is apparently not hitting the right vibe. (Probably would only work if the book was a comedy instead of a sexy paranormal romance with some funny moments.) So what do YOU think would make a great title?


4 thoughts on “Exciting Springtime Fun! (Maggie)

  1. The weather has been nice here too. With so many things blooming my eyes/allergies have been not so fun.
    Congrats on your re-releases.
    Sorry no title help here but I’m sure you’ll come up with something great.

  2. something that reflects a state that gets little recognition in literature as a whole…….. ;o)

  3. Thank my Mom for the mild winter. She spent it in South Carolina so she’d miss the snow and ice. Murphy’s law I guess :)