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Pat's Cats. I'm thinking that left to right, it's Mama, Kitten, and Papa.

As many of you know, from meeting her or reading her wonderful books and/or her blog, Pat Potter is is a remarkable woman. Also thoughtful and remarkably generous, as I know from experience. She’s just returned from a Christmas Markets river cruise on the Rhine, where she saw these three adorable cat figurines and decided I would like them. She was wrong.

I love them. They’re graceful and colorful and very individual (as are all cats), perky and sweet and clearly intelligent. Like Pat. How did she turn out to be a “dog person”? Then again, her open heart welcomes every creature of good will. The ceramic cat she gave to me in Dubrovnik when we took our Dalmatian Coast cruise is pleased to welcome the new Pat’s Cats. Now I have to find the perfect place to put them in this small apartment. Lymond let me photograph the newcomers perched on his cat tree, but I’m sure he didn’t intend them to take up permanent residence there.

Now I need names for them. All authors love naming their characters, and those names resonate in their imaginations as they write the characters’ stories. In the same way, I love naming my pets. Mind you, Lymond de Sevigny got his name long before I found him, meaning I required a male cat. Usually, though, I try to find names that suit a cat’s personality. Turns out that Lymond proved to be the ideal Comte de Sevigny, proving he was meant to be my cat.

Moving on, I want to invite you all to enter a contest. This one is sponsored by a group of authors who have joined together to create opportunities for authors and readers to carry on conversations about books and reading and writing. Our “name” is Story Garden, and we’re in the early stages of creating a Facebook site to welcome readers. To launch the site, members of Story Garden are sponsoring a contest at Fresh Fiction, and the winner (random draw from those who enter) will receive a Kindle and a dozen or so books from the authors. There will be another contest around Valentine’s Day. So drop by, provide contact information, and maybe win a bountiful prize.

I have a rush editing job to do, which will keep me busy for the rest of 2011. That means I’ll stay out of trouble for a while, unless Pat and I start planning a trip together. But when it comes to travel, I’m always ready for trouble. And Pat called right when I was writing this blog, so you may be sure that the both of us are on our way somewhere, sometime, soon as we get our acts together.


5 thoughts on “Fly-By Blog (Lynn Kerstan)

  1. Excuse the poor spelling…it should read: But, by no means more awesome then Lymond!!!

  2. Wonderful cats! I think they should have German names, to honor their place of creation…..just a thought. Kudos to Pat for finding them!